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  1. And people trust him.... He sticks a needle in your arm with what ?..booster coming up for review...who's ready for a mandatory 3rd shot to keep their job ?....Hoping no one pulls a short straw on this one ....
  2. Your right my apologies... you calling me out ,as should of others....., Stand up for Freedom....I just donated 25$.. anonymous. .. others ?
  3. ....never will I donate to #GOFRAUDME. ever again....
  4. Top donator in freedom convoy gofundme over 40 thou...is WWW.Liar.com search it ...LOL
  5. I guess if you consider 2017 not recent..I like to listen more then speak....Learn to follow before you lead...
  6. Never have I seen so many people hugging ,cheering ..crying ..I have attended several rallies over the past 3 yrs...10-15 thousand people , hundreds on overpasses... adults, teenagers, children ,babies the biggest smiles I have ever seen..unjabbed ..jabbed...and this was not Ottawa...... .UNITED...
  7. See you all that are on the RIGHT side of history at a rally today...PRIDE .
  8. I have sympathy for all that have been tragically affected ...united we shall overcome the pain this all as become.
  9. I guess I will see here soon...can we fly forestry without the jjjjabb ? and yes it does not take much to stir the pot in aviation but at times need to be stirred...
  10. Hope she recovers seriously....I had one my donkeys slip yesterday..I had to put it down. Broke my Mothers heart she is 80.
  11. Was a memo at company I do contract work for .... ..those with out the jjjab had till jan to be fully poisoned...unjabbed was a hazard to the others.. Sounds like most have been sick....Hmmmm. ....could it be the big V....everyday when I see what's going on , just confirms I made the right decision . Anybody have the count now from American Pilot magazine on how many pilots have dropped dead. ???..last article was 111 since the jjjabb started. And Yes I do not have a university degree, just 55 yrs of life experiences. Anybody need a pilot that makes life saving decisions ??
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