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  1. Condolences to all those affected and those knew the crew. Transport just release an emergency AD CF-2021-23 effective 5 July. Must be related to this incident. "During investigation of a recent Bell 212 helicopter fatal accident in Canada, it has been discovered that one of the outboard main rotor hub strap pin, part number (P/N) 204-012-104-005 with a serial number prefix “FNFS”, sheared off during flight, leading to detachment of the main rotor blade and the main rotor head. It has been reported that the failed main rotor hub strap pi
  2. I see you have found my collection. I was handed down these patches from a family member who got me into this industry. He was also an AME and taught at Canadore for something like 30 years and is now retired. (This is not all of them, just what fit in that shadowbox and was helicopter related)
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