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  1. your correct about the dad part, I'm not to sure about the four different paint schemes. I can think of 3 but if your who I think you are you should know something about a longline, a generator, and a wharf.
  2. The location is top secret until I figure out who you are. As for the eyes closed bit I'm not sure that will work out well for me or anyone on the ground. But I did see a guy move a drill on a longline using the mirrors! It wasn't pretty but he did get the job done !
  3. sounds like it could be hard to longline if ya can't remove the door or have a bubble window. I guess if your really good you can use the mirrors!!!!
  4. Anybody else with a coment on the A119 ? Is this a good work horse ? How about for longline work?
  5. Anyone got any experience working with yhis a/c? How's the maintenance work load? Good or bad to maintain? Any coments?
  6. I'm not exactly in the market to buy one but I am considering a position as a Pilot / Engineer on one and just trying to get a feel for what type of a/c this is. Also should have asked if anyone has worked on one and how that is?
  7. Has anyone flown this a/c ? I hear this is a great machine, lots of power, fast, smooth, stable, and handles realy well . Anybody got any coments? All I have so far is rumors.
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