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  1. There are three excellent schools that I can confirm offer good training AND you WILL enjoy your time. Thats as important when you are investing this sort of money and commitment. Any future pilot should understand that this is a hard industry to break into but great when you make it. You need a balanced approach from the instructors. They must teach you the correct way but also adapt themselves to your needs and leaning style. Be prepared for criticism and take it as it is meant to be..... for your own good! but there is a balance and that is it has to be enjoyable. Something for you to reme
  2. Update for those considering heli training at L R Helicopters. There are some issues there right now and some that have been there for a while! Training is expensive as they only train on the R44. The owner will try to justify the cost but take note.... he talks a good talk! He is the co-owner, chief pilot, opps manager CFI and examiner!! all in one!! As and examiner he can be anywhere from difficult to rude, arrogant and a bully! On check rides it is not unusual for him to hit pilots on the head and abuse them in more ways than one. That said, L R Helicopters do from time to time have jo
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