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  1. Yeah there seemed to be a big shortage of experienced drivers out west this season
  2. That's a tough one to answer...depends on the type of work you hope to land here
  3. Do you have one? or are you looking?
  4. If anyone hears anything, throw it up on here
  5. Condolences to all affected. Sad news for everyone in the industry.
  6. Helicopter, Could you explain what happened to you, or the conditions present when you had your incident? This is the first I've heard of this Thanks
  7. Positive. Were they training...yes, was it an accident...yes.
  8. Who is doing Instructor ratings these days? Any recommendations? experiences?
  9. I agree, pretty clear what happened. Training accident. End of story. Glad those involved are OK.
  10. I believe "dotard" is the correct terminology.
  11. Looks like LTE to me..appears to be lifting 90' to the wind as well. Glad no one was hurt
  12. I've wrenched on both, but only flown the 407. I grew up in the 206 world so for me transitioning to the 407 was a natural progression as a pilot. The certainly have their maintenance quirks...and some things seem a bit tedious, but boys...job security no? For me I think the 407 is an all around well designed ship, and an unreal performer.
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