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  1. thats a good point about the usb 2.0 vs 3.0 thing, i may have to experiment with that. i actually have foreflight myself already, but its not "company approved" quite yet. As well the gps isnt my personal one, but a company one.
  2. ^also google earth does not support the exporting on non kml files (as far as i can tell)
  3. well basecamp was not sending the data to the device, and when the device is removed from the computer it seemed to corrupt it. the 660 would get stuck in this restart cycle where it wouldn't boot up to the main screen no matter what one did. Finally managed to get it to boot up after several hours but its been a massive pain. the software edits the waypoints, and receives data from the gps with no issues, it seems writing to the device and then ejecting it from the pc is the issue.
  4. What are y'all using for waypoint editing on a pc? I'm having issues with our companies garmin aera 660's. I've tried "basecamp" but have had nothing but issues, and I've even called the garmin support line and was told "there isn't currently any editing software compatible with the 660". Even tried the old "mapsource" software with the same issues. Seems insane to me that they can sell an "aviation gps" yet not provide the necessary software to actually create/ edit waypoints on a pc. Its a fantastic gps otherwise. (and for the love of god telling me "you should stick to
  5. Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunately not the best time of year to be looking for a job, I’m keeping my eyes open for something but seems like everyone in BC wants a guy to have the rating, and everyone in AB is just waiting for the oilfield to pick up
  6. I’m have my Canadian commercial helicopter pilots license with about 800hrs. Recently been laid off for the season and am looking at getting my mountain course to help my chances at finding employment. Basically wondering if anyone has successfully applied for the Canadian government to pay for the mountain course while on employment insurance? I imagine so as it would be considered training to further the career and increase chances of being hired.
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