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  1. Morning!! Has anyone gone through the current process for the TC CP interview, or the written one in the past, and have any advise for information to pass along that might help a guy out?? Heard its fairly casual and know my COM and the CARS. Never hurts to ask for advise so I thought I'd give this an attempt. Hope everyone has a great season and appreciate the responses!
  2. North Face Thermobal Gore-Tex Jacket... A down jacket thats been condensed in a regular one which removed the bulk but keeps the warmth. Extremely impressed with the jacket over 3 winters from -5 to -45! Still layer underneath with thermal layers. Merrel Optiwarm 400g insulated winter hiking/camping boots that are almost like a snowboard boot but aren't as clumsy. No cold feet at all with warm socks when it gets below -30. Both are pricey but totally worth it....
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