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  1. Hard mounted on the dash. This obviously requires a mod though...
  2. Hey Jeremy, No I don't run ANR so can't comment on that. I Liked the 050 but the Northwall is better as you have two internal visors and also a lower profile than the 050. Im 6' 2 and the spend my days looking down the hole in the Astar. I wouldn't buy another Helmet after having a Northwall!
  3. Get a green card or marry a Yank guy or Girl.
  4. No one is saying it is a bad idea! It is a great product, just can't seeing companies throwing 100K at it!!
  5. The Northwall is not super light. But it feels "light". I have had mine for around 5 years now and I will never purchase a different brand of Helmet. I spend most of my day looking down the hole in the Astar and Im 6' 2' and never notice the weight of the helmet.
  6. Looks good. Great idea. I believe you can buy small Gallet visors. They may just be for the 050 maybe??
  7. 600 bucks a day!! I thought we all did it for the love of flying and the chicks??
  8. I agree. Looking at the fuel gauge leads to rushed, poor decisions.
  9. No problem. Shoot me a PM if you like.
  10. Cant say enough about the Northwall. Low profile. Im 6'2 and great for long lining in Astar , 500 etc. Dual visors internal. Not sure if you can fit Bose but may come with a factory ANR? Had an 050 before that but wouldn't go anything apart from Northwall now!
  11. The old 2b B3s with the light airframe will out lift the newer ones in my experience.
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