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  1. There are other paying occupations out there if you not happy with this one.
  2. Some of you boys should just stop reading this forum and you might all cheer up. Jesus. The type of guys that would moan if you won the Lotto! No one holds a gun to your head to do this for a living. After 20 yrs the pros still out weigh the cons. You make your own path in this industry.
  3. I’m straight, but thanks for the welcome.
  4. Thanks Saifan but I’m not a fan of ANR, so looking at other options. Maybe wire a Sony Walkman into the helmet….
  5. Any ideas on running music to a Helmet? The Pilot BluLink’s I’ve had interfere with comms and I dont like ANR, so after other options. I need to drown out the drillers on the FM screaming at me… Cheers!
  6. 100%. Plenty of guys work down in Aus for the fire season on similar visa’s The main thing is no one low balls. No matter if it’s eh or mate….
  7. Great story Billy. Glad you are here to share it with us. Trust your gut is the best advice i was ever given.
  8. Keep at it. You will get there. There is nothing better than pulling up to the bar and telling chicks you fly helicopters.
  9. How long does it take for the tail to fall off after the booster shot? The season is fast approaching and I don’t think even a Roho will help much sitting on this thing.
  10. It seems to be the way of the world. No one can agree to disagree now.
  11. Im referring to a lot of engineers in NZ when the machine is at 3rd party maintenance not in the field. It was sarcasm. I can send you a link to the meaning if you’d like?
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