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  1. It is a real cluster touring into PNG at the moment with Covid! Although you could live in Country full time..... Avoid!!
  2. I know of a couple of guys who have arrived into Canada recently and have not had to quarantine..
  3. PNG have a lot of Canadian AME's. Good place to go.....mmmmm depends. But its 4/4 and the AME's get paid more than the pilots 🤣
  4. Hard mounted on the dash. This obviously requires a mod though...
  5. Hey Jeremy, No I don't run ANR so can't comment on that. I Liked the 050 but the Northwall is better as you have two internal visors and also a lower profile than the 050. Im 6' 2 and the spend my days looking down the hole in the Astar. I wouldn't buy another Helmet after having a Northwall!
  6. Get a green card or marry a Yank guy or Girl.
  7. No one is saying it is a bad idea! It is a great product, just can't seeing companies throwing 100K at it!!
  8. The Northwall is not super light. But it feels "light". I have had mine for around 5 years now and I will never purchase a different brand of Helmet. I spend most of my day looking down the hole in the Astar and Im 6' 2' and never notice the weight of the helmet.
  9. Looks good. Great idea. I believe you can buy small Gallet visors. They may just be for the 050 maybe??
  10. 600 bucks a day!! I thought we all did it for the love of flying and the chicks??
  11. I agree. Looking at the fuel gauge leads to rushed, poor decisions.
  12. No problem. Shoot me a PM if you like.
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