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  1. Thank you Zazu for the helpful reply. Yeah Rob at Merit is really nice. I didn't bought anything yet but he took like 2 hours on the phone to explain me all the differences between the helmets and com systems.
  2. Anybody with an EVO 052 helmet for a review with the bose coms ?
  3. Do some of you have the new Lightspeed Zulu H ANR system in their Gallet helmet ? Any reviews ?
  4. Thank you for the reply, I heard some rumors that Lightspeed earcups are to big to fit into the gallet and Evo helmet so they dont last long because of humidity accumulation due to the lack of space. I tought about CEP but in summer i fly an average of 5-6 hours a day and some times 8-9 so ANR may be better for comfort over a long flight period. Anyone has the lightspeed Zulu-H mod in their Gallet or Evo helmet for a review ?
  5. Hi guys, i know there are some old topics about Bose A20 in helicopter helmets but i heard a lot of thing about it, some positive and some negative. I sold my gallet LH250 ANR from Tiger because i want a single visor smaller and lighter helmet for my work, Powerline construction so 80% longline on a Hughes 500 with rear doors off all the time. I had the Tiger ANR with a blulink but i dont want so much cables anymore (anr battery box, blulink etc) so i found that the best option would be the Bose A20 with a Gallet LH050 or the new EVO 052. There is about no price difference between the two.
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