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  1. I make the parallel to being in a abusive relationship, it sounds easy to leave but in reality its not that easy. I actually enjoy my career but I couldn't imagine starting over with the way the industry is now. Client requirements have become insane, 2000hr minimum is common place now. I've even seen a job that required dual crew and both needed 4000+ to move a drill in an astar. Most (not all) operators will chew you up and spit you out, pull a resume off the mountain and keep on keeping on... At the pace Mountain View, Chinook etc.. mint new CPL's there are far more mouths to feed tha
  2. I love the client requirements... it just means they get a pilot who has flown circles around house fires in a R44 for 2900 hours. I will take a 1000 hour pilot who earned their time in the bush over the the guy who spent 2000+ hours flying the same hour over and over again. The minimum hour requirements are arbitrary and do not directly reflect competence. Good luck convincing the insurers though, they are the real overlords. I agree with what TheReaper2.0 says though. If I could do it over again I would have invested the money I spent at the puppy mill and stuck with a trade. Don't bot
  3. https://avrodex.com/view/2020P0446 Staked landing area got weathered in, attempted a non staked landing and drowned in the milk
  4. That's some shady bs. No one I know flew more than 101 - 102 hours to get their license so how exactly is an instructor purposely making a student look bad generating more hours. In fact I found the opposite, the instructors wanted you to excel because the flying got more fun. Think less circuits more confined space, mountain, helipad. Instructors will manipulate the controls your whole career its kind of their job get used to it.
  5. You get out of Chinook what you are willing to put in. When I was there, those who were keen were treated well. Those who wanted a license cuz it was cool... they got a license. The problem with chinook is not low quality instructors, it is low quality students.
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