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  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I had completely forgotten about this.
  2. Thanks. MedXpress number ?? You meant, previous medical certificate number or something else ?
  3. Hello folks, I am looking to renew my TC & FAA medical renewal in Calgary or in Edmonton. I am not able to find any certified doctor who does FAA medical in both cities. Kindly advise me if you guys know anyone who does both medicals in these 2 cities ?
  4. Thanks. I would consider to do that.
  5. Thank you for the information. Much appreciated it. Will contact you soon.
  6. Thanks. Going through Culhane books.
  7. I live in Edmonton. Thanks for your reply. I do have Culhane guides. I heard about the prep course at Chinook. I shall contact them as well.
  8. Hello folks, I am planning to write my HARON, and HAMRA exams. Anyone has recently done these exams ? Just want to know their experience? Any recommendations for study material? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Hillerwhat. I appreciate your advise. I cleared it and got 82 %. It wasn't tough at all. But 3 or 5 questions were very tricky. I used the Duantless app. It was very help full.
  10. Hello Folks, I am going to write down my FAA (Helicopter) conversion exam very soon. I am using a Dauntless software for study. Can you guys advise me for any further study material which i should use ? and how was the exam ? Your reply would be highly appreciated.
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