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  1. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, I Have to admit I’m not crazy about the two jobs one pay part. Although at this point continuous employment is a bonus. These days all I can think about is flying, so if it’ll get me back in the right seat I’m up for the challenge.
  2. Hi All, I am 28 y/o male who has worked in the helicopter industry in Canada for the past decade as a low time pilot, never building many hours, in 2016 decided to go back to school for maintenance and since have only worked in heavy maintenance on the AS350. I am a couple months from writing my regs exams. Looking for thoughts and comments on how best to apply my skills going forward. Is it beneficial to market myself as a Pilot / AME or will I be treated worse if I am hired to do both? So far I have been treated 100% better as an apprentice than low time pilot.
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