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  1. I just did this a couple years ago. The big step is all new task logbook on M2 category aircraft. If you are ACA'd on a M2 category aircraft with your M1 license (thank you transport for creating the huge grey area in license requirements on rotor wing), you are able to sign your own tasks off on your new logbook. I had to argue/discus this with my PMI, but in the end I won. Quote from Transport task list AWM 566(Skill-4)(e) "Proof of having completed aircraft maintenance tasks shall take the form of a certification by the AME, or equivalent person who supervised the work. The certification statement shall include ..... Persons who sign for completion of maintenance tasks shall be responsible for the accuracy of statements made." A letter from your PRM will eliminate all non-applicable tasks. -Swede
  2. I've been having the same issue for a while now. Thankfully this computer doesn't log me out. Same issue across multiple web browsers as well as Android tablet.
  3. Unfortunately retrofitting aircraft to meet new standards is not a realistic expectation. There are many helicopters that would never / don't meet today's standards. Are we just going to ground those aircraft? Who is going to pay for the cost?
  4. Any reason for this answer? That's my gut, but unable to find anything to back it up.
  5. Question: Who holds final say on authorized maintenance, Transport Canada or Airbus? Maintenance Manual contains maintenance instructions, that, Transport Canada considers Specialized Maintenance. Is an AMO that only has non-specialized maintenance authorization legally aloud to carry out said maintenance? -Swede
  6. I've been wearing one for a few years. I just got sick of wearing a ball cap with sunglasses and crappy David Clark head set on the long ferrie flights chassing fires. Much safer and MUCH more comfertable. During winter Ops drop the visor and you can work under or around the AC with no issues. I've talked to people wearing helmuts in small bush planes even to protect from the minor bumbs during off sight landings. ie gravel shore lines.
  7. You Bum. Where you hanging your hat these days?


  8. Stay away from CALM. Horrible interface. Clumsy to navigate through. Way to easy for anyone to mess things up BAD. trust me I will vouch for how easy you can create lots of work for yourself. F'ing CALM. We are in the process of getting rid of it.
  9. The previously mentioned special tool (board with hole cut) and hammer gets them loosened and the Iso helps slide them down the shaft. The iso will lget under the rubber so you wont have to lift the edge and possibly damage the shaft.
  10. Isopropal alcohol works great. It drys with out leaving a residue so the bearings wont spin.
  11. My condolences to the pilots family and to the passengers families. Beautiful yet unforgiving country. -Swede
  12. And a little bit of stubbornness might go a long way! Keep the turny side up 204! Swede
  13. From an insider I would just say, before all the rumors get to crazy. Maybe read some of the links at www.stars.ca. Swede
  14. Thanks guys, I understand the theory and physics but was curious about actual results. Glad to here it was worth it scotty. Swede
  15. I see that an operator has installed the BLR Fast Fin on the 204. Any word on how it has worked? I know the pilots notice an improvement in the 205/212 installation. What is the verdict for the 204? Swede
  16. tjenna,

    sorry but i cant write in swedish. i can read but not write. and i am a canadian citizen my family is from the uppsala area.

    matt kallstrom aka swede

  17. Great Company, great people. Hope all involved are ok. Swede
  18. Absolutely where I a helmet. Why not? Much more comfortably than a head set and even offers a little safety on test flights. Pilots wear 'em so why shouldn't engineers.
  19. Right on Big Dog. If anyone can git 'er done its him. Best employer I've ever worked for excluding current of course and one of the best drivers i've seen. Swede
  20. Wray will be greatly missed. He was one one the good engineers that was more than willing to teach a new apprentice a thing or two. And when he was ready to leave the industry more than willing to part with his special tools. I guess that was his way of ensuring he wouldn't return to the job. I defiantly have fond memories of Wray. And never did figure out where his nickname came from. See you on the other side. -Swede
  21. Just downloaded Crossover.... Now thats the ticket. Good by Parallels Swede
  22. swede

    205/212 Rpms

    more along the line of airframe stuff... 8/per. aprox 2500rpm swede
  23. I have seen a diagram with all 205/212 rpms for vibration analysis. does anyone have this diagram that I could scoop? Swede
  24. Nice work Love Glove. It sure would be nice. We all appreciate it. Swede
  25. swede


    Cobra... Busting out the 177. No mention of the tracking flags?? Just giving you a hard time! The 2000+ is a great unit on. Swede
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