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  1. I kinda think they gotta get the loads per hour up a touch to be effective. 24000 lbs in an hour with a KMax??? 5-6 loads. They are going to need a lot of them to replace a good medium driver.
  2. Sad to lose one of the really good guys in this world and industry. Gonna miss ya Leo. My heartfelt condolences to his family for their loss. DJ
  3. Thanks for all your input guys. Cheers hd
  4. Check that your ejector pumps are not clogged. Also the flapper valves in the fuel tank are installed correctly and not staying open allowing the fuel to flow forward while in cruise flight and flow back into the aft cell when level or on the ground. Good luck. hd
  5. If you were asked if you had production experience, what does this mean? How much experience do you need to be considered a "production pilot"?
  6. Rainman maybe you should ask for a raise!!!!! Or at least get to fly JTH or one of the other machines that has one installed already.
  7. Hey pottsy how the h#ll are ya man? I have been just on here and reading about this tail rotor thing. I'll definitely give ya a call when I get back out there. Mugsy was the engineer with me on that fateful day west of Pickle. Lucky for me it was a 204 with that long tailboom that saved my a$$ and learning what Bill Abbott was teaching on how to deal with tail rotor emergencies way back then. Anyways I still have that chain in my memorabilia box. Talk to ya sometime dave As to the sim stuff, I think any realistic or close to realistic training on procedures definitely hel
  8. The world's most dangerous job ....... is flying the drill crew to the seismic line Saturday morning. Especially to the top of the hill. UGGGGLY!
  9. It has to be the S61!! Great machine to work in. Good all round machine for any kind of work. I sure miss it. But flying the 212 is still loads of fun too!
  10. totally agree H56:up: :up: hd
  11. Buy a helmet! I personally know guys that are around today because the helmet saved their noodle and their lives. Also have save my noodle from a hard hit from an external load coming off the hook on a powerline construction job. You will find them quieter and that helps with the fatigue level during the long days of flying.
  12. I'll buy in to having the people affected to be able to voice their concerns. Let me know when and where HEPA needs the cheque for membership. Cheers hd
  13. I wish that I was on the back side of my career, but unfortunately I am destined to be in this for awhile yet. What you have said about the operators and their low-balling to get the volume of work is what holds us all back. The operators that work on cashflow business models and especially those that work on a deficit cashflow model are the ones holding the industry in the dark ages. The only way they can make money is to pay less, take shortcuts on maintenance, reduce rotations (make shifts longer), fewer benefits, etc. They make their profit margin on what they don't pay or give th
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