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  1. For comparisons sakes... Sent the northwall back and ended up with Gallet 050 single. All up, 1245 grams with the soother liner
  2. 1509 grams out of the box for the Northwall. Probably won’t have much trouble finding a 250 that someone can throw on a scale for you and confirm but I believe it’s very, very similar PH
  3. FWIW... the available info out there misrepresents actual delivered weight. I bought one because of it’s supposed super light weight. When it arrived, was very disappointed to find it actually weighed MORE than my single visor alpha That being said...Very nice nice fit and finish, and very low profile.
  4. Just wanted to say Thanks for the tips Boy and Gals. Particularly those that reeeally had to work to restrain themselves to not turn this into a temporary foreign workers thread (We're the rohos Bro ...And all these owners and kiwis are the "Mans" ***... Man.) Given that all my dollars are like children to me, I love them all equally and want to take care of them...I'm gonna take the advice offered to investigate to see if the wifes extended benefits will buy me the **** thing. Regardless, there will be one coming and I will post where/how much etc in hope it will help the next.
  5. Thanks Hiller. As a germaphob... I agree on used status. 👊🏿
  6. Hola Ladies and Gentleman. Any of you able to share some of your research results? It's a little obscure and I have a full week of spearfishing and drinking out of coconuts scheduled. I feel like I'd be letting myself down if I cancelled to take up sitting in front of a computer to shop. I don't want to make myself cross with me. Anywhere especially known for being "the place" to order? And I suppose, any tips on say, sizes for the 212? (Avoid bigger/smaller than XYZ?) Alternatively, if anyone is forecasting their Nan is going to be, ahem...done ...with hers before fire sea
  7. Not to hijack this but... In a somewhat related vein... Unless you want the summer off (and to get to discover what dealing with the Pacific Med department can be like) DO NOT under any circumstances get your medical done in Vancouver by Dr. Shelley Perlman at Cira Medical Clinic, trust me on this! Happy choppering PH
  8. Be nice if you could put the shhhhh in Shakey
  9. An open apology to all of you... I sincerely apologize for being daft and having a question. I feel so stupid. 'll try to do better next time. I'm sure that my display of ignorance has been seen as a direct assault on everyone's intelligence and I hope I haven't ruined everyone's long weekend. Pilot5, I do really appreciate the fact that you are not being critical. Thank you. (Coastal... Don't you be daft too. Think Man, think!)
  10. Any of you ladies of gentleman know of countries that accept CDN credentials without a conversion? Does a list exist somewhere? Thanks for your time. (Pleeeesase please please don't turn this into "foreign workers" debate.)
  11. I have done this with a helmet. I had my employer put in writing that a helmet was mandatory equipment and claimed it under the trade person tool exemption. It was rejected as it was deemed to be "clothing." I appealed that and had them see it as radio equipment rather that safety clothing. They agreed, reversed decision and accepted claim. Good luck y'all
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