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  1. Going off the top of my head, you may have to change the Main Gearbox oil 254 in order prevent cross contamination if the freewheel seals leak.
  2. I use my Skeletool all the time but I tuck it into and clip on my front jean pocket. That way, it will not be seen and scare off the ladies. FYI, if you like the screwdriver bits, don't use it as a hammer.
  3. I was able to download the 204 and 205 manuals on a Mac. The save icon is on the tool bar. I could only download 1 ATA chapter at a time.
  4. I worked maintenance for them 4 years ago on a AFS summer contract. They were fantastic. I hear the DOM for Gemini is still the DOM for Ops Mobil.
  5. If you work in Canada, you work in a union. That union has a set of rules for workers to protect them. It is called the Canada Labour Code. If you want more rules than this, then you need to form a union particular to your profession. If you are happy with the current standard, than stick with the status quo. But it sound like many do feel abused by their employer. Any labour union would not have to veer too far from the the rules in place now, but could be more specific to the work that is being carried out. We alll know aviation is a different beast. It can be tailored any way the me
  6. 97-99. Great times and no regrets taking AMT. We had the Shark Tank in beside Honda. All you can eat McDonalds burgers after 11 PM. Must have eaten 300 of them that year. Also we cant forget about Brophie and Heatherlys' fractured relationship. FYI, Canadore is planning a reunion for 2013 to celebrate 40 years of Maintenance plus its been 10 since the last kegger when they closed the bomarc site. Not sure when
  7. I hear the OPP are not happy at all with the EC 135's. The aircraft is OK, just not for their specific use. Its all a political game, l hope the one who is making the decision has touched a cyclic before.
  8. HTS are using it on a couple of test 206's for Bell. The heads should have been due for a strap change since starting the program. I would like to see what the yoke looked like. Give them a call.
  9. Hey, your a legend out here, Ran into a native that worked on the fixed wing side at airborne. Can't remember his name but he is now on a fire crew. Been in High level for 6 days, too bad you not here anymore.

  10. Hey, your a legend out here, Ran into a native that worked on the fixed wing side at airborne. Can't remember his name but he is now on a fire crew.

  11. Don't use proseal, the cowlng will chafe on the proseal and wear the rolled portion at the mating surface causing premature wear of the cowling. Once the cowling is worn, a sharp edge will slice through the proseal and scrap out the tail boom. Unfortunally I can't answer the original post but I highly recommend using an antichafe tape.
  12. Nutmix. I can say today I learned something. Sounds like you have those FCU's down pat. I hope I can help too. This is from Essential Turbines that if you put your start ac-cell to nominal (I think 3 from the left)and turn your start de-rich all the way down (counter clockwise) then start the engine. It will hang at around 20 percent I think. Then turn the start de-rich clockwise until the engine starts to accelerate. This procedure sets up the optimal start de-rich schedule. Don't touch the de-rich anymore and adjust for start accel for the next start t for acceleration from 30
  13. The pay is not what it used to be scotty!!! Plus it wasn't 4 hour mins in april.
  14. 60 days on fires as of today in 2010. (not kidding) Shaping up to be a $25000 :angry: dollar year if it keeps going this way till October!!!!
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice, I have also found another way. Go to the bell website and log on to access the manuals section. Then when you open each section, it automatically downloads the whole section to the download folder on the hard drive so that it will be accessible offline ie. Main Rotor or Tail Rotor Drive. Found it works good so far but the hyper links don't work. Now all I need is organize all the downloads into a 204 or 407 folder. I think this way would work well for quick reference.
  16. Does anyone know if the Bell MM work on a macbook on the snow leopard operating system. I know that the Open 350 doesn't. If I buy a Macbook, I don't want to install windows. With everyone going to electronic manuals, it would be nice to have at least 5 hrs of battery life instead of finding 200 feet of extension cord to run out to the helicopter. Thanks.
  17. Thanks Val, that was an awesome post. I have my M1/M2 but I wanted to see if anyone in the west was actually getting to use it in the shop and I wanted to see if it was an asset or a pain having people know you could do S and E work. I particularly enjoy E and S work, mostly because I am good at it. Where I used to work, everyone was scared to attempt any large repairs or they were not allowed to touch a 3x gun. Anyway, thanks for the posts.
  18. Oh ya, "Contact the MFG's manuals for appropriate consumables to be used in each specific application"
  19. "Chap.12 also says to service if the aircraft is washed, flew through rain or sat outside in a heavy dew." No kidding, some jetrangers we dont see for the full 100 hours and Im sure that it hasn't been greased at all. I have carpal-tunnel just from greasing the medium last summer alone.( 130 hrs and 15 grease jobs). I can say sundsrand is used in some shops but it hardens over time but don't use g355, its too thin.
  20. Anyone out there have your M1 and M2? I was wondering in what ways has it helped you with your past or current employment. Has anyone used the E or S license privilege that comes attached with having both licenses?
  21. Try Skyline Helicopters in Sudbury, not sure if he does 500s' but he always suprises me. Not a lot of 500s' in Ontario.
  22. the airframe is usually heavier in a b3 vs the b2.
  23. Guys, shhhhhhh, keep it down, they will hear you!!!!
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