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  1. can somebody please tell me how the **** i log out of this site
  2. hello deuce.whats happening with all the personal at the rupert base.shame to see the place go.i guess ken really is cleaning house.all he wants to play with is 61s 92s and kmovs and his pet jet.its been coming for quite a while.hopefully some of the top heavy managment goes too.say hello to everyone and take care. mini..
  3. What happened to too full of himself Stuckelburger???
  4. That is the most stupid question I have heard in a long long time.. Have a safe day everyone......
  5. And this has something to do with helicopter operations????????
  6. Heard an Ambulance had a 3000 ft. freefall at Galore Creek. Anybody know anything???? Fly safe and have fun Mini......
  7. Why should it come to a screaching halt.. The one thing helifarmer did not even touch on is adding oil to the diesel. He spoke only of using straight Jet A. Believe me there is a huge difference.I only started doing it because a diesel tech on the coast here has allso been doing it for many years while working on coastal logging shows. Runs it in his truck and his boat. He is one of the top marine techs for diesel engines on the B.C. Coast... Cheers and fly safe all Mini...
  8. No sweat.. Just add 1 lit. of your favorite 5w30 motor oil not synthetic to a 45 gal drum mix well and Bobs your uncle.. The other posters are right if your using Jet B but Jet A is really no different than good ole winter diesel or Arctic diesel as some may call it.. really saves on the pocket book. If you lucky enough to work out of a big shop or hangar where fuel drains are happening quite often and out of large aircraft you may not have to buy diesel at all unless your on a road trip or something. Been doing it for years in cars, trucks, and lots in my beloved twin diesel boat... Just
  9. Hey HV What the **** are ya doing posting at this time of day???? Thought you were busy at the BM meeting. Have a great day........ Mini....
  10. Maybe I missed it or something, but I think someone like Don or Blackmac or just someone who really knowes what the **** SMS really is and how it will affect the helicopter industry should explain it to all of us. I really to be honest do not understand all of it myself... Thanx in advance and fly safe all....Mini.
  11. Hey there Duece.. Suck it up ya big baby!!! Put your sandals on or better yet I know ya prefere bare feet.. Put on a big batch of your awesome ribs, a few cold ones and then fire up a big fat one sit back and relax. Really though I hope ya get well or get fixed.. Till then keep the clean side up...Mini.
  12. I heard that the crew in blue from the east side were buying all the beer this year. Fly safe all Mini............
  13. Yes I will be there allso. Beer and food, cant miss out on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly safe all Mini
  14. Lots of time on the Alloutte 3 with Kenting Helicopters in the 70s. Loved it to death, it was an awsome acft. to fly. Bags of power and would do a toe in on the steepest hillside ya could find. Loved the fact and so did my enginer that he could start it up and get it nice and cozy in the winter without the blades turning. I would love to fly one again. If ya get one let me know. Cheers and fly safe Mini....
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