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  1. Its a 15 million dollar helicopter with a 30 thousand dollar paint job, no amount of wax is going to help. Lol
  2. Great advice so far, A successful day for me in the mountains begins with proper flight planning. Know the current and forcasted weather, geograpical area (study your chart), know the alternate routes home, overnight spots, fuel caches, sunset time, etc. Don't push the weather, always carry a sleeping bag and overnight kit so you don't suffer from get-home-itis. I know this sounds pretty basic but I've seen younger pilots over look the importance of flight planning, myself included when I was starting out.
  3. Don't forget to budget $400 for some new sunglasses to complete the look 😉
  4. Some companies scope of work and aircraft do not allow them to hire and train new pilots, mountain flying and utility work with intermediates & mediums is not entry level flying. Customers set the minimum pilot requirements, why is this so difficult for you to understand? It's the way it has always been and you will see the minimums increasing for specialty work as OSH standards are constantly evolving. I have never posted a job ad, like I said, provide a good schedule and decent wage and you attract and retain the talent within our industry.
  5. I agree with you on some points...total time does not necessarily make a better pilot but I would be scared to death of a person who thinks they're a hotshot longline pilot at 500 hours. The reason I don't look at pilots with less than 2000hrs PIC (5-7 years) is I want someone with a reputation and proven work experience. When a pilot reaches 2000hrs PIC they have revealed the type of person they are and the potential they have within our industry. Insurance is an issue but the bigger issue is contract minimums set by our customers, they pay our bills so therefore they set the minimum pilot requirements. I am most certainly opposed to hiring foreign pilots, there are plenty of qualified Canadian pilots if you're providing a good schedule and decent wage. (and you can't pay a decent wage when you're sending your B2 to BC from eastern Canada at $900 hour)
  6. Why is 2000hrs PIC and 500hrs on type ridiculous? That's a reasonable request for most VFR work in BC.
  7. WOW...this is an interesting read, some good lessons to learn for both rookie and veteran pilots. Amazing that everyone wasn't killed. a16p0045.pdf
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