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  1. I've been perusing these forums for around 12 years now. I don't know about this site, as I don't come here very often, but on the other one's I've been seeing the opposite lately. Not many newbies around, just old guys and military.
  2. Yes it is pretty stupid that flight instruction is looked upon as a time building job for entry level pilots, but not all of us were taught by fresh off the assembly line newbies. My private instructor had well over a thousand hours teaching experience, and had flown in the "real world" for many years, as did the guy who did my stage checks, a retired LE pilot of twenty plus years. My commercial instructor also had around four thousand hours, so experienced instructors are down here,...you just have to avoid the cfi factories. ,...and no I never worked for free. The last job I intervie
  3. Not that I'm aware. All I know is when I don't wear earplugs, my ears bother me afterwads.
  4. What many fear about the R22 is far easier to become of victim of in the R44, as you combine its light weight and faster speed. The R44 is only safe if you know how to fly it, and there are ways of flying a Cabri that will kill you in the R44, however, there's nothing you can do in an R22 that will kill you in the R44. Private owners generally don't fly as much as career pilots, so developing flying habits while training in one helicopter that are dangerous in the helicopter you intend to own is not the greatest idea. Having over 600 hours in many R22's I can assure you it is
  5. Funny, where I'm from you have to get the ppl before you can get the cpl. As for training in the Cabri, well,...if I intended on buyng a Raven I'd most certainly train in an R22, a much, much more relevent helicooter. The Raven can prove to be a deadly choice for private owners who are not properly trained in Robby's quirks!
  6. Yes, I wear earplugs under my ANR Zulu headset. You gotta protect 'dem ears!
  7. I have a Zulu and I love it, but I waited about seven years to get it. During training I was lucky, the school provided headsets at no charge, so I didn't have to buy one until after becoming a pilot. I went with a passive DC, no regrets, in fact I still use it sometimes for BFR's. The only issue I noticed in training with ANR was that in a dual cockpit if one guy has ANR and the other passive, then you'll be playing volume wars, so if your instructor has a passive headset, then stick with passive yourself. Whatever you chose, wear earplugs underneath. Over time your ears will tha
  8. Ha, you're just jealous 'cause we don't have to scrub toilets to fly down here! If it makes you feel any better the last job I interviewed for (giving rides around L.A. in a 44) paid nothing for the first 3 months, then about $300/mo. thereafter. So we also treat pilots like what you guys scrub out of those toilets up there. 💩
  9. I'm in the States. $600/hr ****! That'd get me almost two and a half hours in the 22 at the school I'm renting from. You guys cleaning toilets is just amazing to me. **** I didn't even have to do that at my first job as a busboy back when I was sixteen! What, no janitors in Canada?
  10. Pilots sweeping floors, cutting grass, and scrubbing toilets!? ****, no job flying is worth that crap. I drive a semi for Fedex and even we have a maid who comes in every day! Yeah, keep your day job kid, and just rent an R22 and fly for fun on weekends, been doing that for fifteen years now. Commercial aviation sucks balls dude, don't waste your time and money!
  11. In short,... Some operators are dicks. Some pilots are lazy.
  12. So its been almost a year,...did you go for it?
  13. I've always gone to interviews (the few that I've had) dressed professionally (suit/tie etc.) clean shaven, fresh corporate haircut. I smile, answer questions with confidence, keep myself upbeat and positive. In fact the guy who gave me my first interview said he asked me in over everyone else because he liked how I sounded on the phone! Yet he still chose the other guy, why?,...no idea! Hard to believe its my attitude? Sure, I'm on here now with a piss poor "I hate this industry" attitude,...but that's only after years of rejection.
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