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  1. I lasted 15+ years and approx 5000 hours till I pulled the handle and went to fixed wing. Did 20+ years fixed wing and retired with a pension for which I give thanks pretty much every day. No regrets.
  2. I left rotary wing flying in the mid 1990s. As much as I enjoyed the hands and feet I didn't enjoy chasing the odd paycheck, less than good maintenance at times, having the aircraft capabilities oversold to the customer, effects on the home life of extended absences... That said some assignments were incredibly satisfying. For me it was time for a change. Went full time fixed wing..604, 704 & 705 ops. Never filed again for EI, was home a lot more and had a life. Wasn't all peaches and cream but the pluses were ahead of the minuses. Only mild excitement was two in-flight shutdowns in
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