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  1. Phil - Thanks a lot for that info. I will keep those companies in mind. RDM1 - Checked
  2. Phil - It's actually relieving to hear that he 'hired' and 'fired' 14 low-timers . This indicates he doesn't waste people's time. I would much rather be fired, than kept on with the carrot. Which company is this?
  3. RDM1 - I am actually right now on the very intense researching phase for training schools across Canada. I would like to know which flight schools/companies are legit and have that moral integrity with their low-timers or graduates. Could you please tell me the names of those schools/old employers of yours. At least I'll know which ones are a better bet to get trained at and perhaps hired for. But of course if you prefer not to disclose that information, then I'll respect that))
  4. Phil - And I guess those same types are the ones complaining about how hard it is to get their first flying job i am assuming
  5. Thank you very much for your responses. They are very encouraging. RDM1 - Thank you very much for insightful response. Glad to hear that not all companies do that, and that some actually manage low-timers legitimately. Long responses are always welcome)) shakey - Thanks for the advice. I will keep that in mind. Phil Croucher - Thank you for your encouraging response. Another somewhat personal question I would like to ask you guys: How long did you work as Ground Crew until you got your first PIC position? And which companies were they? At least I'll know which companies have gotten guys into the air))) Again thank you for your responses Best Regards
  6. Any chance for finding a 206 time building opportunity in Canada?
  7. Hello readers I am a wannabe pilot. Currently have been doing a lot of research on this subject. My question is why do companies keep guys as ground crew, and never just let them go? To my understanding, working as a ground crew right after graduation seems like a pretty standard 1st step into the industry. I understand that the time being spent as ground crew can be a vital and crucial trust building time for that company and you as a low-time pilot. (1-2 years worth of time) I have read about (including this forum) and talked with people personally who were kept on the ground and never made it in the air. (i.e. all the negativity about the "dangling the carrot in front of you" phenomena) This to me, was always an indicator that these people just simply didn't fit the criteria that the company was looking for, hence were kept grounded. (In this concept I have full sympathy for company owners) But now I am confused. If I was running a helicopter charter business, after 1-2 years I would simply tell that ground crew member that he/she does not fit our company standards and would tell them to go look for a job somewhere else, because how would my company benefit from keeping him/her on the ground in my company for 5 years+? In fact it would be more beneficial, if I only hired people who were talented and plan to get flying. Just from a company's perspective, what is the benefit of telling that ground crew that "yes, I will get you flying" but then in secret keep them grounded? As if looking for ground crew was hard or something. Unless I am missing something...perhaps ground crew members are performing certain vital tasks that pilots are not doing? Thank you for reading
  8. Hi there. This is an old post I know, but is the Jet ranger still available for time building? And what rae the rates?
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