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  1. I am fun parties... just ask your wife... yeah my bad...sorry been working long days in the blackflies...but you know what...you're still on crack. Hangar for "multiple machines" for "couple" hundred grand...with a toilet? OK I admit | was wrong...now you are just stuck in the nineties when Jerry Seinfeld was big. Yeah you still suck at math! The only reason I was attracted to this post was the fact that some poor guy just putting a plug out there far from a far away land just trying, and some really nice person has to mention spitting coffee over his computer...maybe with language b
  2. yup...just read it again. This time CAREFULLY...yup...still would love to see where you could build this mystical $100K hangar. Hope you do better at math and money management!
  3. Right...good luck trying to build a hangar that can hold multiple helicopters with a toilet for a hundred grand...OMG what decade are you living in?! My single car garage in a busy location with a multitude of suppliers cost me $40K and I did 60-70% of the work. And no...there was no toilet. It's not 1978. That's a good one.
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