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  1. I am fun parties... just ask your wife... yeah my bad...sorry been working long days in the blackflies...but you know what...you're still on crack. Hangar for "multiple machines" for "couple" hundred grand...with a toilet? OK I admit | was wrong...now you are just stuck in the nineties when Jerry Seinfeld was big. Yeah you still suck at math! The only reason I was attracted to this post was the fact that some poor guy just putting a plug out there far from a far away land just trying, and some really nice person has to mention spitting coffee over his computer...maybe with language being lost on the poor individual just trying to make a go...when i see a screen on my machine's dashboard worth $100K US. I love how Canadians brag to the world how polite and nice they are... way to go welcoming our foreign friends! invite me to your next party... assure you it will be fun...😉
  2. yup...just read it again. This time CAREFULLY...yup...still would love to see where you could build this mystical $100K hangar. Hope you do better at math and money management!
  3. Right...good luck trying to build a hangar that can hold multiple helicopters with a toilet for a hundred grand...OMG what decade are you living in?! My single car garage in a busy location with a multitude of suppliers cost me $40K and I did 60-70% of the work. And no...there was no toilet. It's not 1978. That's a good one.
  4. Wow, I haven't worked in Australia for awhile, but the last time I was there I don't remember any short easy days. All I remember is a case of plastic water bottles dropped on the hot tarmac for me in 49C temps and no food until 10PM the night I got back to the pub/hotel...which was laden with bed bugs lol.
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