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  1. Chinook has an excellent reputation, and if your wanting to train on Vancouver Island 49 North is where I finished my training. Great instructors with actual real world experience.
  2. I was billed weekly for my training, others do monthly some do daily.
  3. Training with multiple instructors is kind of nice, you will learn different ways of doing things. I trained with 3 different instructors and I feel I benefited from it. As for other aircraft I did most of my training on the R22, People give the machine a bad rap however if you can fly it smoothly I do believe you can fly anything. the R44 is basically just a larger version and with fuel injection and hydraulics, so no carb heat and smooth controls. I have around 10 hours in a 44, nice machine to fly. But if you want to get an extra endorsement get a Jetranger endorsement. The B206 is the most common helicopter out there and probably will be the first aircraft you will fly in your career. Turbine time is always a bonus. Once licenced getting endorsements is simple, normally your employer will have a check pilot that will get you trained up on the machine. If you want to pay for the endorsement during flight training if you have the extra funds available will probably be around 5 hours. Just look around at the machines the industry is using. the Robinsons are great utility machines. Low operating costs so they make great patrol and spray machines. However once you look at what the Jetranger can haul compared to a R44 you quickly realize why its so common. After the Jetranger obviously the astar is the runner up and probably surpassing the Jetranger now, However it is an expensive machine to dish out an endorsement for in flight training. Not sure any of this is helpful. I am a newbie myself. More information is better...right!? Have a great day.
  4. I messaged the guy with no answer. I think they are in turkey. So I am guessing it isnt business hours.
  5. Take a ground job with a company, they will get you flying eventually.
  6. Perhaps its salty attitudes and not the companies. I have worked for some terrible companies and I was always treated well and considered it a good job. I'm working, I'm useful, just because I work with some half-wits doesnt make me one of them, at least I would hope not. EDIT: I could be wrong. I lack experience in this industry.
  7. I'm not trying to change the world. I am just trying to remain as positive as humanly possible. And I may indeed fail, but if I do I will do it with a smile on my face, trying my hardest.
  8. You are quite right, but sometimes we tend to over complicate what our needs are. I am very thankful to have incredibly supportive people in my life. Thankfully I do not have a huge debt load over my head, that is probably how I am able to keep it simple. A life away from family causes incredible stress, however I do believe that it is possible to find the balance. In my personal experience once you have an excellent reputation within any industry I believe it is much easier to direct where it will take you. Sometimes that means uprooting your life and relocating and other times opportunities can be created very close to home. Either option will require careful consideration and sacrifice. The goal should be happiness for you your family and friends.
  9. Perhaps when the love is gone it is time to move on, either to another industry or something closer to home. Myself I have never made my career choices based on money, the money is just a tool, and if used incorrectly can lead to a pit of despair. I have noticed many people fall into the trap of "if I was compensated for my crap" mentality and it never ends well. It normally ends with the never enough thought pattern. Honestly at that point I think its time to reassess where and what you are doing. Money doesnt solve problems of happiness it only amplifies them. In my experience at times like this you must look for and find what is going to make things better. If you are working away too much, then perhaps attempt to negotiate a better work schedule, and if that doesnt work than perhaps its time to find a job that will suit yours and your family's needs. And one thing I know with 100% certainty is there is no perfect job. However if done correctly a balance can be found. Now that all being said I am very new to the Helicopter industry. I am currently searching for where I am going to work and how that life is going to look. However I do come from another industry that is also very difficult on families and takes advantage of hard working people, thats the trucking industry. I recently sold my company to pursue my passion for helicopters. I understand it will be very hard on my personal life and relationships, but I am hopeful. After 15 years in the trucking industry I learned a lot of lessons about work-life balance. I worked for companies that would work a guy to end of the string. Kept myself and my coworkers away from my friends and family, In the end I started my own company to better dictate my own life. However even the fact that I was able to work locally and "run my own show" so to speak, there were still challenges that I had to work through. Thats life! Pursue your dreams, and find ways to create happiness within your dreams. Never make it about the money. Thanks for listening.
  10. People need to invest in the companies and the companies need to invest in the people. In the past I have worked for some terrible companies, outside of the helicopter industry, and I have put a lot of my own hard work and dedication into helping make the company better and I was rewarded for my efforts. This is not always the case, because I have also had my dedication taken advantage of, at least at the end of the day I have always been able to walk away and say that I did a good job.
  11. Its a valid question, I've always wanted to take a look at a sas system and find out in more detail how it works.
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