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  1. this just went up today https://www.jsfirm.com/job/Pilot-Rotary+Wing/AS350+Pilots/Fort+St+John-British+Columbia/jobID_670694
  2. Seems like the industry has warmed up to lower time pilots a bit more over the last couple years. You see the odd ad online for a low time gigs, which always surprises me because you’d think they’d have stacks of resumes from upstanding guys and gals who did the traditional road trip. I’m a rookie sitting shy of 500hrs and so far I’ve been treated pretty well. Definitely not the case for everyone, out of my class of ~12 I think only 2 others have flown commercially. Year round work is also hard to come by, I’m on contract for 3-4 months a year and then I’m back to my other job, and from what I’ve seen at other operations the lower time pepole they keep year round are confined to the hangar most of the time. Tips I have for someone about to start would be: 1. Treat flight school like a job. Be on time and bring your A game every day. I got hooked up with my first job through the school, so who knows where it could lead if you make a good impression. 2. Be willing to move anywhere for work. 3. When canvassing for a job do your research to find out who has a track record of getting people going. Don’t bother driving out of your way to an operator who does hydro and heliskiing most of the time.
  3. Off the top of my head Highland, Yellowhead, Canadian, Aurora, Alpine, Universal and Coldstream have employment pages on their websites that get updated from time to time.
  4. Ordered mine from helmetfx.com, it took a while to ship to Canada but there were no surprises. I echo the sentiment that they're not worth the money, feels cheap and after 200 hrs the dial for the inner visor is broken. Might try replacing the hardware with Gallet bits as time goes on.
  5. I had a good experience there. It's an already big school that's growing rapidly so there won't be as much hand holding as other places. Great instructors when I was there too. If you take initiative you can learn a lot beyond what's in your course syllabus by being nice to the engineers and tagging along with other students doing mountain courses, endorsements etc. They have a good reputation among operators it seems but you're still going to graduate as another 100hr liability and will be treated as such.
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