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  1. 2 hours ago, DGP said:

    I would say you are just noticing ground effect roughness as the air under the ship builds and spills...that is pretty normal in all landings...try hovering out of ground effect for a comparison.

    Good point, maybe its just me. Hover and forward flight are great. I guess we’ll see once we pack it full of mouth breathers or with heavy sling loads. Thanks for the help.




  2. Well i just read Mikes post about forum misconduct…hopefully this job Ad I saw isn’t the one he is referring to. If so disregard or let me know and I’ll delete post…if i can even do that.

  3. So these posts never go well on here but I’m bored so I’ll ask…for science.

    A Vernon based company is looking for a PRM….o_O

    Salary being offered seems low. Are they just setting a point to start negotiations? 

    Maybe a typo? $72000 

  4. 11 hours ago, DGP said:

    Not sure what they call the 3 very large spherical bearings at the ends of the star in the head but I got a ride in an astar one time with our chief pilot at the time...it didnt take me long to tell him to get us back to the barn before this thing self destructs...never rode in a ship that was that ruff....they pulled the head apart...those 3 big bearings were so loose you could almost pull the inner race through the outer race!

    Yeah I’m not a fan of flying in a rough machine. I changed those bearings as they were super sloppy. Definitely helped a bit but still some 3 per there. Only really when landing. Slow forward speed collective down.

  5. 6 hours ago, DGP said:

    As SuperWrench said...if you get things too smooth you will feel other vibs...works with all helicopters..2...3...4...blades....I notice it more in a 2 bladed ship...if the hover balance is below .2 you with notice the 2 per hump more in flight...same with 4 blades...4 per....never did much balancing on 3 blades. On 4 blade you should stop trying so hard when you are down to .1 ips. The Bell rep once got the 407 down to close to .1 at 140 knots...only once...man was that nice to fly!

    Thanks for all the info guys. Much appreciated. So this definitely happened, a bit by accident though. The heli had a bit of a hump, we just got our brand new Microvibe and I was more than thrilled to burn that old chadwick....anyway. Only two runs later it's butter smooth, almost scary smooth. Then we descend back to camp and the 3per is there. I ask the pilot, has that always been doing that? Answer was, "I dunno"  

    I've check over the usual 3 per culprits, it's been through a 600 and I'm pretty sure the swashplate friction was fine but I may just have another peak at that. If that's fine might just be that it's too smooth it was showing under .2 hover and MCP straight and level was around .1. lt's really nice, other than on descent. The starflex ball bearings were worn and I hoped that new ones would fix the 3per. No luck.

    As SuperWrench also mentioned the shocks. I did have those off and did the pull test as best I could, they seemed nice and tight. The leafs are deflected a fair bit and have some on order now. It has a decent wobble on the ground at flight idle. Tail rotor is nice and smooth. It was a windy day and the tail was pointed into the wind at the time, so that might of caused some of the wobble.

  6. Looking for some tips to get a good main rotor balance on the Astar. My experience level on them is low but im rapidly fighting the wolves. 
    We use the microvibe and using its instructions along with airbus you first setup ground track and take out ground lateral vibrations. Easy enough. Then hover track and hover lateral. Also easy however my issue is that hover balance is nice and smooth the ground track and balance  is no longer smooth. Normal or am I missing a step? 

    When bending tabs, if you need 3 degrees tab on one blade do you bend both tabs 3 degrees or do you split it and either bend one 3 degrees or both 1.5 degrees? 

    One more... on descent, it has a real nice three per rev vibe. Only noticeable in descent. I’ve checked everything recommended for three per revs. Had it on jacks and checked the gear etc. Hammers? Its a B3e with post mod hammers. With the washers. I tried removing some washers but was hard to say if it got worse or better. 


  7. Hello,

     I was just wondering if anyone had a pretty good spares kit list for this machine with the Arriel 2D that they would be willing to share. Just trying to get some inventory on hand.

    I have manual access and have started making my own but I don't have a lot of experience on type. Thanks.

  8. On 7/3/2019 at 5:57 PM, robottxt said:

    The L4 flight manual has an alternate method.  Slow down and pull 100%tq, record numbers passing through a selected altitude in the climb.   Works every time. Done them at sea level no problem.   

    Can you tell me where this is located in the flight manual? I can not find. Thanks.

  9. For mounting anything as a Minor mod to the top of the dash on the 206 under Cars 571 appendix A, what do you do for the question that asks "does it affect the flight-crew's visibility or their ability to control the aircraft?"

    Some TC inspectors argue that anything mounted there affects visibility. I've seen pictures of some monster ipad/gps installs. So has anyone ever discussed this with TC?

    Seems subjective and up to the person installing to decide.


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