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  1. Hey Gents, The trick to the Baofeng and Chirp is to use the Split function under Duplex rather than the +/-. It involves no math whatsoever. You simply set your tone, select Split, and input your TX Frequency. Also tone is very important when programming AB and BCFS channels, as they use up to 9 different tones for their repeaters. It is best to set "Mode" to Auto, this makes inputting data into Chirp much easier. When you copy the channels to the radio it will automatically determine whether the channel is FM or AM or whatever the mode is. Start with a New page in Chirp, don't even think about plugging in your radio yet. Click the "Show Empty" at the top to see a full list from 0-500 or whatever you set the parameters to. You can make things easier by highlighting a group of channels that you know will have the same tone, right click, go to properties. Now you can click "Tone", set your preferred tone, and press ok. This will really speed things up for you. If anyone needs any help with Chirp and Baofeng radios, let me know. Depending on the interest, I may start offering a programming service for FireLine, FireNet, Simplex, and Duplex Forestry channels in BC and Alberta. Cheers, [email protected] 2506747279
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