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  1. Looking for a flight manual, S76C++, if anyone has one in electronic form?Thanks in advance.
  2. Wondering peoples thoughts on the best lens colour for flat light in the LH250. Obviously, there is the Yellow, Amber and the new Evo Chrome Gradient lenses available. Has anyone had experience with using the Chrome Gradient lenses vs the standard Yellow or Amber Visor in flat light conditions, snow etc... Thanks
  3. well, only one from someone who thought they shouldn't have to sweep hangers and wash machines; as well as fly... When I got my job I was fresh out of training just like everyone else; I got the gig because I was willing to work harder than the next guy.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts, yes obviously what makes up your time has a Big impact on your possibilities. I have heard from a couple of people that 1500hrs is a good place to start as that can be a minimum contact requirement.
  5. Hi there, I left Canada awhile back to get myself into the flying industry, as it seemed there was a faster way into the industry overseas... Anyway, I found the start and have been flying for a while now, and looking to come back to Canada. Just after some thoughts on what people think is a good amount of time in the book to come back with... Currently doing Scenic/Charter. Also, I'm not trying to land my self the lifetime gig or anything like that. but I would rather stay where I am for another 6 months say, if it will make the job prospects that much better on the return you know. Thanks
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