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  1. Just to make sure I don't lose the sale I'll make sure there are as many cup holders as you need and in whatever color and size you want!
  2. The helipad is designed for single engine machines like 206/500/R66 up to an A star. I operate an R44 from her. I have a broker and website (google "yacht Samara") but as I said I think the people who are going to be interested in her will be helicopter pilots and yacht brokers generally don't move in the same circles as pilots.
  3. I will be putting my heli-yacht on the market and am looking for ideas where to spend my meager advertising budget. The yacht is 80' a catamaran, designed specifically for helicopter operations so the purchaser will most likely be a helicopter owner/pilot who is into boating. I think it is best to start the search on the helicopter side as it is a smaller gene pool than the yachting industry. Any suggestions?
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