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  1. I think Helisource still does. I last did Seismic in 2018 and haven’t even heard of any hint of any since except second hand stories. With the market and the advances in ‘ seistech’ Helicopters demand has gone down. For sure for the intermediates. To be honest, I sure miss that work. Had many good years in Northern BC, Alberta and down in the US. Those were the days.
  2. Did Ultra have their hangar just East of Grimshaw? There was another small operator in Manning or thereabouts. The name Atech rings a bell. Also, was there a company called Nationwide around there? It’s strange how things come back to you years later. There was also Venture in Calgary.
  3. I’m an engineer, so I haven’t worked for him directly. I do know that he was quite civil to deal with and more than a few rocks were turned over by him looking for work. In addition to that, I always remember him going to bat for those under him. Overall, my dealings with him were amicable.
  4. Eslin, Edgeworth, Hayes, Peregrine and I’m not sure if Ultra still around. I've worked with CT a few times and I found him to be a fairly decent dude. The CT who was previously at GSH.
  5. Worked with Mike at VIH and at NMH. He was a good sheet metal guy and a good guy to work around. So sorry to hear about him. I'll miss working with him and my condolences to his family.
  6. Someone was saying VIH might be holding one. Give them a call, see what's happening.
  7. I think www.aviationcoursesltd.com might be what you're looking for.
  8. I worked with the pilot this winter. A good guy and a good pilot. I couldn't help but remember him talking to his kids on the truck phone. Kinda hard to deal with right now. I send condolences to his and the passengers families. Goodbye my friend.
  9. I used to work on a Twinstar with C20R's. The No. 2 (LH) engine used to stall on startup all the time. Everyone said it was normal due to the airframe configuration. I took their word for it and never did bother to troubleshoot. I guess I should have in hindsight.
  10. Sorry, haven't heard that one yet. I work for VIHH and there always are rumours going around. Rumours about this company, other companies and rumours in general. So, can't help you there man.
  11. Leave the chart corrector at the bottom of the box. Mount the accelerometer pointing up ( cable going down ), mount the photocell anywhere. Make sure you have clean or new reflective tape on one of the blades. Mark the target blade target, or T, on the balance wheel then mark A,B and C on the balance wheel at 3:00 O'clock , 6:00 O'clock and 9:00 from The target blade. Flash her up and take your first reading. Plot it on your chart or in the dirt for that matter. Remember to keep the chart corrector at a safe distance from your chart. Add weight at any of the positions on the balance wheel. Do
  12. Ya, VIH is supposed to be getting a few sometime.
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