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  1. How the schools take the fees ? Is it like alll of the 50-60K at the start or you pay only when you fly etc ? Trying to figure how the the payment schedule for fees are done by most schools.
  2. Want to confirm whats the accepted norm and what the student can ask the school to provide and decide accordingly. 1. Do you get only 1 instructor or many instructors ? More importantly can you press the school to commit to 1 instructor only from the start till the end.If not shop around and choose the school that can do so. 2. To keep prices low you train on R22 but how you can work in other helicopters after getting CPL. Do employers allow that or you need to go back to school and get r44 and r66 ratings again ? 3. Is it worth it to get R66 or R44 ratings by doing 5-10 hrs mix along with major hours in R22 ( all within 100 hrs of your initial CPL) ? 4. How the schools take the fees ? Is it like alll of the 50-60K at the start or you pay only when you fly etc ? Trying to figure how the the payment schedule for fees are done by most schools. Thanks a lot in advance for your time and consideration.
  3. Thanks a lot for the detailed and precise answers. the Cabri, which seems to be making inroads in the Canadian market and by all accouonts is a terrific trainer - By that you mean in a good way or bay way ?
  4. Are the the prices quoted by schools final or you can negotiate ? Reason is even when using same helicopter (R22) different prices are quoted by different schools ?
  5. Full on autos - can you please explain it more for a newbie ?
  6. Thanks the advice on flight time. I was able to understand clearance from tower, instructor talk, oil warm up time,checklist check. But -''charges skids up skids down time not running time'' - Can you please expain that for a newbie . Regarding licence application - whats the cost ?
  7. The above statement is so true. Get CPL but employer gives you mechanic job. Enter via AME route for CPL to impress the employer at the initial maintenance job hoping someday you will fly but employer hands you broom to clean. This is a sticky situation and there is no guarantee that it will happen but there are chances that it has happened, is happening somewhere right now & may happen in the future. But againt all odds some people do succeed and there are barriers to entry is every occupation and in any job. So one cannnot escape from the issue if they have work to earn a living in any industry & one can only try their best to achieve whatever is their priority based on their circumstances. And yes its easier said than done.
  8. Thanks for the crucial comments above. Btw do you have any info on the total fees for canadore ?
  9. Again regarding paying fees, I think its only important that whoever decides to spend 60k on CPL has done research, evaluated their risk to reward ratio and took a calculated managed risk to obtain CPL. Its same with any degree and even the ''Education'' system in normal where we have Master's/PhD holders doing minimum wage hourly jobs. I know love & passion is another element & a person is free to do that as nobody knows what holds in the future.So who are we to judge. So depending on cicumstances I hope whoever wants to get CPL take their best decison but for this topic I appreciate the caution but will avoid discussion on that since it deviates from the main topic of best school.
  10. If you know your machine then its better but not necessary. AME route makes sense & somewhat common sense when your 1st job after CPL could be that .
  11. I think you are talking about Helicopter Flight Training 1 year – College Certificate in Canondore College. If yes do you know the total fees ? The PIC hours issue, I am already aware of that.
  12. I think CPL using R22 or Bell 47 or Cabri G2 will cost 58k for rotary. Now CPL using Cessna 172 will cost 15k for fixed. Anyways lets just focus on the topic of the choice of school.
  13. Thats a very practical and economically viable solution you provided. Depending on someone lets say who cannot afford to lose the $60K then the above career option is better with risks minimised. Thanks.
  14. Very good point. Thanks. Will look into apprentice AME or ground support position. No apologies needed as the info you provided are very relevant.
  15. Thanks. You pointed out lot of unique points which is what I was looking for. For example:- bell 206 endorsement & 1 hr long line. Now I am hoping to gain different perspectives based on which I can decide the school best for me, if not the best school out there. Finally I dont mind negative posts as it will not change my overall decision for getting CPL but all I can do is learn something.
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