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  1. Yeah no I was referring to the recent incidents actually. They can run their company how they like, just seems like they had a huge turnover in personnel last year and are still having the same problems doesn’t seem to be the staff I’m guessing. My opinion
  2. Well seems like delta’s back at it again this year.
  3. Avgas into a turbine? JK glad nobody got hurt that’s all that really matters.
  4. Exact quote from video “ If you put avgas in a turbine the engine will quit! It will ruin your engine. Not to mention you’re ruining a $400,000 engine but you will potentially DIE!” there’s more on the video but that’s the gem right there. Lol
  5. Hahahahahaha isn’t that how all the real pilots make it in this industry? Personally the Icing video is my favourite and the look of shear panic and terror on his face. Classic! Wonder if you should be teaching students when the first 500 hours of your “career” he had no real mentorship from anyone. I don’t think I would take any advice from anyone who needs a copilot in a jet ranger to longline lumber. On that note not sure if that’s legal either but ah well that’s another topic.
  6. Well that’s true but you can only park machines for so long before the bills start adding up and the phone stops ringing because you have said no to jobs enough times.
  7. I see it’s getting harder and harder to find good people. Looking at companies who post every month looking for pilots and engineers maybe it’s time all us pilots and engineers get together and start demanding what we are really worth.
  8. You wouldn’t now you say sitting on your computer trolling a forum, but I bet if they told you to pack your bags you’d be the first one trying to come up with an excuse to not go cuz your cousins, sisters dog is having a tough time transitioning between food brands so you probably won’t be able to go.
  9. So does this post imply the old CP was the problem? Seems like a strange post.
  10. It’s funny cuz someone on avcanada forum called him out there as well. Hahahaha just don’t get the hint huh.
  11. Hahahaha yeah I agree with simpleton. OTR quit selling your junk if it’s good you shouldn’t have to advertise, the product will sell itself.
  12. I’m not sure if by offering his opinion exactly means he’s trolling. Your post is more of an example of trolling not so much his. But aside from that I would tend to agree with asking for respect and being paid accordingly isn’t a lot to ask. He didn’t mention anything about putting anyone out of business, that again was you. Seems like you’re the type of person who would ride a guy til they are fed up and quit, then says he was a pretty good employee but he should have stuck it out a bit longer. Rather than seeing the value in the individual as they are proving themselves.
  13. I heard lots of good stories from my sisters boyfriends best friends cousin who works there, my personal favourite is one guy swung his tail over a whole tree planting crew, had em scattering like cocharoaches when the lights come on.
  14. If it’s such a good outfit why do they have a year round posting looking for people? And no it’s not so they can get the best people applying like some of you may be thinking. We all know the reason, it’s the same reason you never see some companies looking for people cuz they don’t have high turnover. It always seems to be the same companies looking for people, there’s a reason. Why did half a dozen engineers quit there within a month? Obviously it’s not how dimit is portraying it. Not saying it’s a bad or good place I don’t know, but the fact that there is a thread on the forum can’t be a good thing.
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