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  1. That I can completely understand. I am also interested in why people say fixed wing pilots are more 'professional'? Is it more likely you would have more consistent hours, like a 9-5 rota? To me, helicopters have a higher skill cap and I would have thought would be paid better than fixed wing and face a little less competition from other pilots vying for the same position because of the training cost barrier etc
  2. seems a bit astronomical.... and probably only possible if you're flying around the company executive for a huge firm...
  3. hahahaha How long ago did you change then? And what are you doing now...still under paid tradesman? You can get quite well paid as a Tradesperson
  4. This was very insightful. Appreciate it. What motivated you to get into it? And how did you begin? I've always thought of doing it but the cost wall is something I've been a bit wary of. I could pay all of it upfront (there's been absolutely no one to suggest that is a good idea). I did meet a couple of float plane pilots which looks good as well, but helicopters due to their versatility have always been more appealing. I haven't ever lived in a location where training to become a pilot would have made sense. Large commercial planes don't appeal to me, you wouldn't do anything on those
  5. The only thing really deterring me is the chance of being stuck in a low grade job for longer than 1.5 years (ie. not flying). So to fly as an experienced / established pilot's perspective would be most useful, cheers
  6. Elaborate if you can. How does your typical day run? and I guess while you're at it... best and worst case scenario (already have a pretty good idea of what the worst is....) How many hours might you fly in any given week? My bad for all the Q's, I'm interested!
  7. Where do you make this stuff up from!? It's beyond weird, you're essentially suggesting that it is a prison atmosphere
  8. What are the reasons for the industry being in the toilet as well? the rise of drones? Lack of industry demand? Over-supply of pilots? (I thought there were a large number of retirements occurring...at least in the US that seems to be the case). Too expensive for companies to operate?
  9. Clean the bathrooms ... not to fly? ....why? I did think of that today, perhaps a pipe dream but perhaps worth asking about. I have no issues cutting grass therapeutic if I'm honest...toilets...not so much ha
  10. Understandable, but are you then suggesting I just blank my CV for the past 5 years? lol
  11. It isn't beneath me... but given I am a fully qualified accountant, I'd say that's more valuable to the company than a little less dust
  12. constructive. I can see that point of view. I just figured that even pilots aren't flying at all hours of the day and whilst there isn't something major going on, there is always administrative stuff
  13. Hi all, I have been reading quite a bit about how bad the industry is at the moment and that job prospects are very low. I am currently in Vancouver having activated my visa (originally from UK). I have worked in the financial audit for 3 years (qualifying as an accountant in the process) and then as a market researcher/ energy consultant for an electric utility company. I definitely want to do something more practical and have always loved the idea of flying. I have great spatial awareness, technical ability, fantastic physicality and seek a level of professionalism in a job which I thin
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