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  1. Hearing west coast heli laid off entire team pilots and engineers. Guys getting laid off at custom in MB as well.
  2. Anyone hear about or use the Pivot case?
  3. I enjoy watching the water drop from 200ft Above the trees and evaporating before it gets to the ground!
  4. Must be nice! Seems like most everyone is better than ours! 40$ per diem 40$ bush pay per diem has been 40$ for a very long time. These should all be abolished and we should be getting a full salary no more flight pay and all these other add ons. Then it would up to the company to get the work! I’d love to not care where I’m going and what iron I’ll be on instead of getting mad when you fly a .6 sit in the back of the heli for 7 hours and fly a .6 back.
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