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  1. So do you have something to contribute to this conversation or just useless personal comments like usual?
  2. 68.9 Hours in 7 days im sure your flight and duty times worked out well and TC loved to hear your story on how you went over by 8.9 hours in the 7 days.
  3. Why is it that when you ask a company for a schedule they look at you like you’re asking to sleep with their significant other? If a fixed wing company with hundreds of pilots can do it why can’t operators manage to organize a dozen pilots? Is it that they are still the older generation and they feel everyone should be available at all times at the drop of a hat, or just unable to comprehend the concept that people want to have a work/life balance. Maybe it’s a combination of them mixed with not having the capacity to create a schedule either way I think things need to change or I have a feeling more people will leave and the industry will be in a worse spot than it is now.
  4. Well it’s getting near to the busy season why don’t we all just say no when the phone rings and maybe owners will finally realize they aren’t in charge and it’s hard to take jobs with no pilots and engineers. But I’m sure there’s always gonna be that clown that’s a yes man and ruin it for us all. This industry isn’t gonna change unless we all get together and stand beside one another rather than trying to be better than the guy/gal beside you.
  5. This industry is a joke, I’ve been in it for over 15 years now and unless you are single and ready to be a yes man/woman you are just another bitchy pilot or grumpy engineer. No other industry in the world would get away with how this industry treats its staff. I especially get a kick out of how people who fly in a machine every once in a while as a passenger get to have a say in how good or bad you are as a pilot. That would be like you riding on a train every now and then and be able to complain about the conductor cuz you’ve been riding the train for years. This industry is complete garbage and needs to change. People need to realize that employees have life’s and families and most of us don’t really care about your company and whether you make 4 million or 5 million this year. This is a paycheck for me now and I’m not willing to loose a wife or family just so I can go out and make you richer then get criticized for asking for time off. I think everyone needs to wake up and realize we are professionals and not just “meat servos” as the earlier generations were called. Let’s all start being pilots not drivers and engineers not parts changers.
  6. Bwhahahahahaha keep posting the vids on YouTube they are always good for a laugh. I enjoyed the icing video as well! There was also one about not being able to put avgas in a turbine my buddy told me, when all real pilots know a turbine will burn pretty much anything in a pinch including avgas, it just takes time off the components. I’m pretty sure everybody knows someone or has even done it themselves in a pinch. Keep pumping out them students! Lol
  7. Hahahahaha he totally is shilling his business on both sites. I agree with simpleton, OTR keep your junk in the marketplace where it belongs.
  8. Hahaha yeah or maybe it’s the fact that your all trained by fresh graduates and have no real skill set so it’s like the blind leading the blind, teaching people how to fly. The simple fact that once you get your commercial faa and don’t need endorsements and can fly any machine up to 13,500lbs is absurd no wonder there are more incidents in the US than any other place. Wasn’t it you who said you work for free when you were an instructor or for like $300/month?
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