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  1. Without getting into too much detail, I work in the aviation industry and will probably also use it to commute for work. My family is also in the aviation business. I'll be able to figure it out.
  2. They don't have R22's so not too much choice in the regard. Don't want to do all the training in an R44 either as that would increase the cost by 30%. I will just save some time to get type rated at the end or do it afterwards. I think I'm at 15 hours (or just under) and will be soloing in the next 1 or 2 hours after more emergency manouvre practicing if that is what you are getting at by dual. I'm going to ask about converting the PPL to CPL after I get the PPL. That would probably be my best option if it is not too cost prohibitive to do so. Then I could at least fly recreationally
  3. I think 40hr is minimum but it has been going well and expect I might be closer to 50hr. I'm training on the Cabri G2. Probably plan to buy a raven I or II within a year or two of getting licensed which is a topic for another thread. School has cabri's and ravens for rent once I'm done so will perhaps do that for a bit to build hours to get my insurance down. What do you mean by dual hours? Do you think I will still get credit for commercial based on my private hrs?
  4. I am doing the PPL which costs around $35k and I cannot deduct from my income for tax. CPL costs around $65k but I can deduct from income so net cost would be around $45k. I am wondering what you think I should do? Is it worth the extra time and money to do the CPL if I don't have any intention of flying commercial? While $10k is still a lot of money, I am still considering as it does not have a substantial impact on my finances at the end of the day. Cost: Money but mostly time. Benefits: Better training, safety, perhaps lower insurance costs. Any other obvious ones I'm missing
  5. Interesting. Will find out what he uses. Sorry, you also wear earplugs underneath even if you have ANR headsets?
  6. Thanks for the notes. So then...what is the "best" headset.
  7. Newbie here, go easy on me. For a private pilot flying pistons, is it a bad idea to have noise cancelling headsets? Never used them but just thinking maybe because it blocks out the engine noise which you might want to hear in the event of failure or something.
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