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  1. Ya, we still need to take that top antivibe off. the TR seems to be all good. were about to throw a scope into the trans to look for messed up teeth
  2. Hi! One of our Astars has a weird vibration we cant figure out. Problem: When going from flght idle to ground idle at about 290NR it starts shaking pretty bad up front. The AMM doesnt care about checking vibes at this RPM but our pilots are worried and we cant find anything wrong. were using the microvibe II. We've tested the track and balance and vibe absorbers under the cabin, checked the tail shafts for runout. Everything checks good but at 290NR we get a .626 ips at the lateral accelerometer at the mast. at 100%NR its about .2 ips wich is passing. Anyone else had an issue li
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