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  1. Yes,I understand that. What I mean is, a Red Seal trade seems to be more valued then an AME maintaining multi million dollar aircraft. Doesn't seem right to me No wonder it's hard to find good people.
  2. Will you buy the supplies with your own money too?! You must be serious about saving tax dollars for the people of Ontario!!
  3. Yes, CHL paid O/T for over 40 hours worked in a week as per Canada Labor Code.
  4. We should all be agreeing to a change in our compensation and schedule packages in 2019. We DO and say YES, more than we RESIST and say NO. Does anyone know of a company that implements duty days or hours of work for AMEs
  5. Hopefully they are- it's long overdue. Does anyone know why we are recognized like REDSEAL trades are? It just doesn't seem right that we are not respected like other trades are.
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