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  1. There are companies who'll hire you with an exemption. Or like said above, start your own company. Bell 47 guy, sounds like you don't even work in the industry so why do you care?
  2. Not only a career decision, in 25 days anybody who doesn't get the obedience needle wont even be able to leave the country. States wont let you in without it and cant board a plane or boat without it. Pretty f'ed up, considering Trudeau said he'd never make a vaccine mandatory. Sounds pretty mandatory to me.
  3. I think operations base has a pretty loose definition. I've been at companies who park a ship on the tarmac somewhere and advertise as a base... IMO if the base doesn't have a base manager or building, its not much of a base.
  4. When I read TCs new flight&duty regs, my thought was there will be jobs that will then require two pilots. In certain situations, the second pilot could very well be a low time, to do the simpler flying ie crew changes.
  5. Good thing only pilots over 60 have anything to worry about if they catch the virus. Oh shoot... that’s 95% of the industry...
  6. The quarantines are a provincial order. The only provinces it still applies for are Manitoba and maybe a couple east coast provinces.
  7. Yeah, the news R44 in Winnipeg is what I was referring to.
  8. They couldnt even get the headline correct... "private pilot"? The news was also contracting a local company to fly them around, when theres dedicated news helicopters. Why didnt they get their 100hr news pilots to go fly them around?
  9. Thanks PH, I just threw my 250 on my food scale... 1444 grams. I guess that answers that. Very similar!
  10. Can anyone with this helmet compare the weight to a gallet 250?
  11. I see robotxts point though, having the "mark location" button is simpler and you don't need to zoom and look at your map while you try and hit the exact location. Having said that, turning the VNC off and having the google earth style map would work for pin pointing a landmark on the ground. Ei creek, swamp, cabin etc.
  12. I wasnt aware of this quick method to enter a user waypoint, thanks!
  13. I find Foreflight is such a good tool. The downside to it is bush flying, fires for example. Marking user waypoints is a process. If they added a quick mark button or simplified the user waypoint menu it would be perfect.
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