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  1. Whats the consensus for the 2019 tax year? Can you claim helmets, medical, nomex/flightsuits, garminIR, foreflight subscriptions etc? https://turbotax.intuit.ca/tips/when-does-the-cost-of-your-tools-become-deductible-5379 https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/cra-arc/formspubs/pbg/t2200/t2200-fill-19e.pdf https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/cra-arc/formspubs/pub/t4044/t4044-19e.pdf
  2. No shortage of undervalued drivers in 2019. I lasted 3 days at a large operator that elects not to pay for training in Ontario. 55 hours of online training and a week in the classroom in our industry is expected for free. The previous 30+ pilots didn't seem too concerned about it.... i guess we'll have to wait for the vietnam vets to retire. Better conditions at Tim Hortons..... "Time spent by an employee in training that is required by the employer or by law is counted as work time. For example, where the training is required because the employee is a new employee or where it is required as a condition of continued employment in a position, the training time is considered to be work time." https://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/es/tools/hours/what_counts.php
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