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  1. In fact, I really liked the people on this forum. Ironic "freck", sarcastic "R0T0R", kind and a little opinionated "Jurome". Canadians are cool guys. All Canadians have a discount! Now the price is $ 97,000. 😉 Does anyone already want to become our dealer? I will probably post something in "The Lighter Side" on this forum. Thank.
  2. Everyone here is talking only about the price. No one asked me how many seconds this thing opens. And nobody asks about the remote control, but it is. You can still make a PacMan design... :-(
  3. By the way, one such shelter was mounted on the side of a mountain. For this, only a steel console 20x20 meters was built. And that was all the construction in this place. This console housed a shelter, a fuel station, an electric generator and a toolbox.
  4. Yes. You're right. But if you need to build a landing site with a hangar far from civilized places (for example, in the forest or in the mountains), then you can save money by combining the hangar with the landing point.
  5. Unfortunately this is not a sheep shed. The shelter for the helicopter should work 20-30 years. Helicopter shelter must withstand the storm. Helicopter shelter should not damage people and the helicopter. How many computers can I buy for the price of one helicopter? Sorry for my English 😃
  6. Price depends on size. In the photo shelter 16m. $ 100,000
  7. Hi, I'm Dmitrii from Russia, I want to talk about a shelter for helicopters. My colleagues and I are making unusual shelters for helicopters at our plant in Siberia. Such shelters can be installed anywhere - on the roof, on the ground, on the airfield. The helicopter can land directly in the shelter, the helicopter can take off directly from the shelter. Similar shelters are made by other companies in France and America, but we have improved the method of attaching the frame parts to the engine, this allowed us to reduce the weight of the shelter and reduce its price. But we retained the strength of the shelter and even improved the strength. Sorry for my English, I don’t speak this language, I use Google translator. We also added one electronic unit for the safety of people and helicopters, now the shelter immediately stops if there is a threat of its breakdown. We made only three shelters and now we are doing two more. But we can do 20 or 30 shelters at once, we just don’t know if these shelters are necessary for professionals. Here is the video and information: http://tdlommeta.ru/en/shelter-ammonite/ Thank.
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