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  1. Ok what is it with this forum, as soon Niagara Helicopters is involved, some people put words out there i wouldn't even think off or wish to somebody else. Please stay fair to everybody involved in this discussion or in any other discussion. There is a lot of things which could be done differently in this world, at work, gov. etc. and it's hard to please everybody. I would say or actually i know Niagara Helicopters is doing his share to keep this operations at a level where the risk is managed and there will always be a risk left in any helicopter operations. RH
  2. Remove that rediculous requirement and maybe you won't offend anybody in the future, or are you too blind to see that. Back to what we where saying about mgmt with head up arse. As for my occupation, very solid, very well paid! You running some kind of a frat boy club?? You invited the comments. with that rediculouse employment add. Really! Absurd. HF Absurd... a request like this is absurd to me!! What are you thinking...??? Maybe if you would not be so stubborn it says "university degree may be required" does not mean it has to be a requirement, if you look at the forum more exactly some people actually got it!!! As for removing the "ridiculous requirement" first of, a guy like you doesn't tell me how to do my job, i don't tell you how to do yours either!! Second of, the job ad is a standard job ad from the Canadian job bank it’s a standard job ad to fill out, as simple as that and probably i did not need an university degree to fill out the ad!!! :shock: Anyway hope you had your fun with this and i hope there is better people out there or i would say i know there is better people out there who need the chance to do some hours (see other discussions on this forum) and yes move along to something else in their future!!! The whole idea is to give some lower time pilot the chance to get some hours in a good controlled environment!! Anyway if anybody needs more information feel free to PM me anytime!! That's my last post on this Fly safe Rene Huessy aka flybell PS: I’m not hiding behind my username :shock:
  3. It's Ruedi Hafen and please play by the Rules & Guidelines!!!!
  4. Thanks guys, always appreciated your help!!! Fly safe :punk:
  5. Hi there I just had a TC program validation at our place!! As usual TC is painful picky with the CAP and the COM, paper,paper,paper...!! I definitely have my work cut out for the next year, i guess you could call that job security Anyway long story short, I'm wondering if there would be some consultants out there who could help out in getting all this right in a timely manner and/or if some of you guys could give me some contact infos?? Your help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Ground resonance....????? Best example ever of dynamic rollover...!!! Thanks god nobody got hurt!!!! :up:
  7. Hey Helirider 212 You got it right, there is more important things to talk about. Transport Canada being one of them!!! Hope at one point everybody will pull on the same string. Stuff like this is only giving people the wrong impression about the industry, let's see if we find something good on the web to show people what's smart and good about using a helicopter... Just my 2 cents
  8. u got a good point there Reddog. In the future we will have so many rules, laws, procedures... that we will not be able to turn one blade anymore without violating any rules and i think that puts the hole business where nobody can make a bug anymore!!!
  9. WTF is your problem Gmach!?! :down: I worked as an AME before and i probably know about more "bugs" in other helicopters than the pilot himself!!!
  10. There you go Murdoch... The Bell 407 the Porsche in the sky!!!! :punk:
  11. Well thanks guys i will check it out and retire our good old rig!!!
  12. I'm looking into order some Longlines, since there are so many companys out there i wounder if some off you guys can help me out with some feedbacks!?! I'm looking for; 1. Synthetic longline 2. 100'-120' long 3. Electrical wire to hook on the bottom If you know something pls let me know that would be helpful. Thx
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