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  1. Bigger than life personality, and always the life of they party...I wouldn't be in the industry if it wasn't for Hugh, truly a legend! RIP Hughie
  2. EVOs are POS, I had an old Alpha for years, was time to get a new helmet, I bought all the hype from EVO, ordered a 050 EVO for $1800 US took 6 weeks to get it after I calling them to check on it after 5 1/2 weeks, the visor knob broke the first day I used it because the visor was rubbing so much against shell, I sent it back, the replacements build quality was no better, I should have returned it right then and there, 1 year later I ordered a new Alpha Eagle dual visor for $1850 US, once I had both helmets side by side the EVo is no lighter than Alpha, and is just a cheap knock off of the gal
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