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  1. If a 206 didn't leak, I'd be worried.
  2. Kry gesond boet. Bly sterk! @JRK38PM sent
  3. I disagree as well, the boss man can have equally, if not worse of a reputation if he treats the drivers or wrenches inappropriately...the damage worsens for the company as it filters down to the companies customers and word can spread like wildfire. Always remind the boss that he is not indeed the boss, the customer is the boss as they are the ones providing the greenback. Stand your ground, keep up the good fight.
  4. If you worked for it, then you are owed it. Remember, for every dime you make for the company, the boss makes a dollar. Your time, effort and labour is not a charity for a profit-making entity. If they refuse to give what is legally, but above all, ethically owed, don't be afraid to approach a labour lawyer, even on a pro-bono basis. If you are treated disrespectfully, don't be afraid to burn a bridge, and educate others about their ways, so as others don't cross a charred bridge. It is based on principle and morality. Don't think it will hinder your future chances of employment. Think of it a
  5. If it is in your area, try Great Lakes Helicopter in Waterloo. I got mine thru them. They also provide accommodation if you require it. All the best with your IFR training!
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