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  1. It’s now a well-accepted fact that manned drones are going to redefine the global transportation system sooner than later, by making it cheaper, faster and better integrated. Testing of manned drones is going on in different parts of the world. Related technological innovations are also enhancing the existing transportation landscape with every passing day. There is a welcome buzz all around, regarding the formation of market segments, framing of regulations and emission norms. Lots of deliberations are also happening in another important aspect associated with commercial use of manned/pa
  2. Imagine for industry operations to lift up and load all can do with these cars, It will reduce the operations cost etc. Apart from industry use, Lets go towards humanity as it can be very useful in terms of "Rescue Operations" where a minimum help service options. we are also have different category drones not only as air taxi but we call it Multipurpose.
  3. A flight of fancy – into the future Gone are the days when drones were used only for security and for patrolling remote areas, or using them for cinematic production or capturing breathtaking panoramic photographs. It’s about time we break the bubble and introduce you to the drones of the future. Welcome to the golden age of hassle free travel. Yes, we are referring to the new highly sophisticated and autonomous drones of the future. These modern marvels are all hybrid powered, which make them more powerful than the commercial drones which use the conventional battery to power them up. Th
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