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  1. Got a A20 installed by Tiger in my 250. ANR works great for me (I do not fly without doors). However, as the other people said, it does void the warranty, and the size of the earcups on the A20 are smaller than the original ones in the 250, leaving a gap around the earcups. And Tiger does not fill that gap when installing the A20. The microphone boom is also a bit too long for the 250. A bit of a bummer in my opinion. Otherwise, highly recommended ! PS: the new A20 does have bluetooth music !
  2. Twin engine IFR rating is not a must: IFR flight test are done on R22 in Canada. If you feel like spending 60K+ on a M/E type rating, there is lots of schools that will welcome you ! Otherwise, do your S/E IFR and let your employer pay for your T/R. Only downside of having an IR with no M/E experience is that it might takes you a very long time to get an IFR job and even more time to get into the PIC seat in a MC environment ! (if ever) Good luck !
  3. My advice, get some more VFR experience, if possible in twins like 212.... cuze you ll need ME time to be considered in the offshore world !!!
  4. what's your experience ?
  5. LOL pretty funny but also true ! That being said, this year looks much better than few years ago for low timers...
  6. do you mean flight school or ground school ? I know there is couple FW school in the prairies but helo I m not sure...
  7. I agree drugs can and will impair a pilot/passenger. However, although drugs are a problem, the most redundant issue I ve heard throughout the years, is not drugs but alcohol !!!!! I ve refused drunk/high passengers in the past, I was a 100 hr guy. After a "not totally sober" rig guy was behaving weirdly on the front seat of my 206. That is for the light side. On the dark side and in a more serious manner, my wife, who was working in eastern Canada at that point did fly on a 407 at 8am with a pilot that was still at the bar, drinking like a fish at 2am when she left. She argued with him bu
  8. It really depend what type of IFR job you wanna do. EMS usually require 500 hrs, when offshore require more. As said in a post above, try to get some multi PIC time before moving IFR, it will be at your advantage in a long term. And don t forget to enjoy the freedom of the VFR world... Once IFR you will really have to stick to the rules. Both world are cool in my opinion.
  9. Are you done with it ? yes you can use your LLP towards your IFR rating. I did it, and it worked just fine. cheers.
  10. Hi everyone, again it is tax time and many questions come up in my mind. I know schools have to charge PST/GST on training towards the PPL but SHOULD not tax the training for a CPL. Some of them do charge GST/PST but some don't. What is the deal here ? And what about advanced training after the CPL, like mountain course, long line, night rating or IFR rating ? Do they get taxed with GST and/or PST as well or are they considered as commercial training and therefore "should" not get taxed ? But if they do, can one claim them on his/her tax form or only the amount before tax can
  11. Hi girls/guys, is there anyone out there that went through a S-92 type rating and could share some information about the training in general ? And perhaps willing to give/sell her/his POH, training manual or any other documentation regarding this girl ? Thank you for your help. woopyjumper
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