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  1. Yep saw that - was just wondering for the app not just the excel file.
  2. Ohh I'm sure there is. Found one you talked about fatigue / working hours - Interesting topic. But the wifi here, in the middle of nowhere, doesn't work that great - cut out every 2 minutes in average, it's easier to refresh a page than to load many more. And everytime there's a lot of wind, like most of the days, the antenna moves and ciao bye the connection to the outside world! (Nope, no cell coverage). Thought someone would refer the post you're talking about if there was any. Would be happy to see it if you got the link! In the meantime, take care guys and thanks for the an
  3. Well I pulled it out, solder joints were very nice. Put it back, cycled more then light turned off, horn worked correctly.. will get ready to change the switch when necessary. That was an easy fix, will keep that in mind before opening everything next time! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi there! I hear a lot of times that managers are afraid to invest on them as mechanics because they'll let the mainenance down as soon as they start flying. Whereas a few managers think it's a great deal. What are your thoughts on pilot engineers? Would you hire one? Is there a perfect place for them - which one? In those years of low to moderate flying time per day, isn't it a great way to stay active? To the pilot engineers here: what were your difficulties, would you do it over again if you had to? Any thoughts, remarks, constructive critics would be appreciated -
  5. I cycled it a few times with no change. I'll pull it out to have a look. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Great app and great calculator from Saifan Pilot. Downloaded both but was wondering if you could put more than the BA in the app, please?
  7. Hi there! Got the HORN light lit with engine OFF. It goes OFF when I push on it - but no klaxon, and when I remove the switch. No voltage at the horn itself. There's a relay on the left side of the console, deep in the nose. I noticed it activate when I push on HORN (on an other machine), but I have no idea what that relay is for. I tried on my machine, that relay didn't click, changed it, nothing changed. Checked the relay on a PCB under the pushbuttons. Seems good. Any ideas on what it could be?
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