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  1. Wingman1


    Tusind mange tak Thank you so much, this is great information. Right from the start, i have been looking at Hillsboro Aero Academy in Oregon and might return to that as my main focus again after this read.
  2. Wingman1


    This is a lot to consider, but have really helped me narrow it down. I think i will start by exploring the cost of converting here in Denmark. Chinook seems very promising as well, if i do decide to go over seas to get my licence. Thanks for all the ideas, please keep the posts coming if you think of anything else.
  3. Wingman1


    Hey everybody I want to fly helicopters, but am having a hard time finding the right school for me.I'm from Denmark and would prefer to take the certificate a more exciting place than here, and preferably in an English speaking country to get some routine in speaking the language (And generally for communication purposes). My problem is, that the obvious choice is The United States - as i know they fly a fair bit over there and i figure it drives the prize of the certificates down - as well of meeting my other "requirements". I have even found a school with a reasonable cheap package deal for both civilian licence, commercial licence and instructor licence. But i have learned that if i want to fly in the EU i have to get the certificate at an "ATO" Approved Training Organization (Approved by EASA), or i'll have to take all the tests again when i come home again. The school I've found is not on the approved list and all the American schools on the list have internet pages there are utter garbage and really hard to navigate. And i have not found anything appealing. Do you have any advice as how to navigate this situation? your help would be much appreciated. Bonus info: First time posting here, sorry if it shines through. My own thoughts have been to find another country to find a school in, but i don't know where to start or if anywhere is preferable. Have also considered if it's a viable option to re-take all the test when i get home, but it's hard find the consequences of such a choice anywhere, especially the economical.
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