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  1. I've had both in helmets and personally prefer the the Bose. Mainly because the ear cups are smaller and they fit in helmet better, ANR and bluetooth I found the quality to be comparable.
  2. LH 250 is a good helmet too, I'm not to bothered long lining with it in an Astar with the outer visor. However, if you have a big melon the ear cups using the light speed as an ANR option don't leave you much adjustment. Although my head may look pretty rough its relatively normal sized and I'm down to one velcro pad in the ear cup position adjustment if my head was any bigger and I couldn't use it.
  3. Does anyone know of where to find out the security clearance requirements for a non Canadian citizen to fly NVG's in Canada? Thanks, John.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply lads that's helped a great deal.
  5. Hi, all quick question regarding the average flight hours you guys budget off. As pay is so directly related to flight hours is it common for companies to inflate the estimated flight time per year in order to get you to come on board? I'm new to the Canadian industry. I'm not after a company slaging match just trying to work out if I want to work for the pay on offer.
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