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  1. Everyone knows I'm talking about "Helicopter EMS operations" correct? or do I need to change the wording in this post? I'm a little curious how the 737 Max came into topic on a forum about helicopters
  2. Hello everyone....So I'm a newly minted helicopter mechanic over at Minuteman Aviation in Missoula Montana, I've been there just about five months now. I could not be more excited to be a part of the rotorcraft community! So during my quest for my A&P License I have and still am considering the HEMS world as my eventual career choice. I do realize it takes a few years of experience to qualify for an aircraft mechanic job in that field but I'm thinking it will be a good rewarding path to shoot for. I am curious however, and this is directed at anyone on here who has been involved or is currently involved in the HEMS world....I would like complete honesty, what are your experiences.....pros vs. cons, etc??? So far I have heard from two opposite ends of the spectrum...everything from the "worst maintained aircraft out there" to the "best job I ever had." Again I would like complete honesty from everyone but please keep it civil. I'm just curious to hear from the actual folks on the front line if you will because I do realize this area of aviation can be a bit controversial. Thank you everyone! Cheers!
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