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  1. This is coming from you....lol. You are the one who wants to put people through a wood chipper and lock up children and nuke cities or so you say in your other posts on here.
  2. Well you would know as they say it takes one to see one. Love your name on here.
  3. Ahhhhhh Grug You are using common sense and the anti- vaxxers here are not. Personally I am going to enjoy dining out and not having to hear the verbal diarrhea while enjoying a beer and a burger at the pub they no longer have the privilege to be in.
  4. Or....they paid for their Commercial Rotary license and then found out they were just cash flow for what ever school took their money and have not worked in the industry as a pilot.... the worse part is they probably did not make good ground crew either because they were not able to look at the situation and prepare for what was coming next. I believe that if anyone wants to work in this industry they will get the jab..... the rest of the negative on here are just trolls.
  5. I did not fly this year but, Just out of curiosity did many pilots fighting the fires this year get over 300 flight hours (not including unused minimums) or was the Forestry services only flying you up to the 4 hours a day or less but hold you for the 14 hours all summer?
  6. Oh come on now..... be nice to this person. This fellow even posts blank replies (see September 01) The next thing you know he will be blaming the "Aleins" for trying to get world order.
  7. Would you happen to be using Google to post in here?
  8. Aren't we all..... but thanks for noticing...... lol
  9. It is 100% your choice to get the jab or not. Those of us who have gotten the jab will not miss those of you who choose not too. Because, you all will be on this forum whining about all the things you are not allowed to do anymore. And you will be screaming it is your right that has been taken away. But when you finally realize it was your choice to not get the jab and then realize the rest of the world doesn't want to be near you because it is our right to protect ourselves from this virus. This will be one of the few places you will be allowed to be and of course the hospital.
  10. My wife and I have gotten both of the jabs because we don't want to be prisoners of Canada. I have had people tell me that Canada cannot stop them from leaving the country and I totally agree with them, but the country they want to visit can say, and most likely will say the unvaccinated people are not welcome here. My wife sent me a meme that pretty much says it all in my opinion. " So.... you have been eating hotdogs, chicken nuggets and processed meat all your life. But you won't get the shot because you don't know what's in it.! Well aren't you a special kind of stup
  11. Was it not explained in the "From the ground up" training booklet.
  12. Very true. I did say "service" which th3M has pointed out and as he mentioned the IPad only need the capability to have cellular. I tried the blue tooth for GPS but that was not the greatest idea as it was one more thing to have plugged in and over heat. I also agree with pilot83. If this system decides it is to hot it will shut down and you are scrambling for a map.... if you have them still. I have no idea if it is to cold it will shut down. I don't do winter work. Allergies to snow. The Garman divises I used during my career worked great.
  13. By any chance is he in Tisdale Saskatchewan? (see ice creme cake posting)
  14. Before you rush out to buy the mini iPad. Make sure it is able to have cellular service or else Foreflignt will not be able to track your aircrafts movements. Don't ask me how I know. (Hand covering face in embarrassment)....lol
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