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  1. Wow.... I did not mean to upset you. I was glad you made it.
  2. So very glad I was NOT with you on this flight.
  3. To all you low timers. IF you ever have to fly a boat. Hook on to the stern ..... you have 2 points to hook on to and the boat will fly better. This is my experience.... if others have different ideas please post them.
  4. I don't believe only the few of us have scared ourselves in this industry... I look forward to hearing from you other guys that have had close calls. Many lower time people could learn from us.
  5. Mid 90's I was driving a 206 on lower gear do logging support. I was parking on an active logging road so I was putting the carousel and the 150' line over the edge so no one would drive over it. I was napping in the back seat when I got the medi-vac call on the radio. I jump out and to get the stretcher and put it in the back. I quickly got the machine started and lifted off over top of my long line and carousel.... I am skimming the top of the trees as I am parked higher than the logging show.....for some reason I looked at the mirror and saw the line coming with me.... no room to flare to d
  6. That's him. The schools should have that for the students. Do you know where I could get a copy?
  7. I was sweating reading this. In a cloud next to the wires..... wow....... glad you made it.
  8. A very good boss I had for years would look out the window and see the poor weather and turn around and say. Days like this is what they made coffee pots for. I hear him every time the weather is bad.
  9. LOL. Are you trying to tell us all you are pretty slow with the line. Just teasing you.
  10. I would like all of us old timers help the low timers get old. I liked getting the flier that came with the AIP updates that told us about accidents and of course the pilot that was always doing dumb stuff..... I don't remember his name. I learned alot and found it interesting to read of others mistakes. Maybe we can bring this forum back to what we all wanted again. I know there will be some who will bicker and protest but who cares.... if we save a person's life by sharing..... I call that a win.
  11. I was working in the winter in northern BC. I had plenty of local knowledge of the area as I was a base manager for a few yrs. Coming back to the base after doing a job for a week out of town there was an inversion. I was up in the clean sky with a OAT of +5 I am flying along fat dumb and happy. I got close to town and saw the fog laying in the valley. Looks like I need to use my favorite creek to get down to the base which is about 400' lower than I am currently at. Being alone I didn't notice the torque climbing. Had my head in the longline window as I worked my way down the cree
  12. Different topic..... this thread was only about carrots...... now it is about carrots and sticks. That video was hilarious.
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