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  1. I disagree that the forum should be taken down. I think that the members must use their real names forbthe profile as I believe that will stop the abuse we have seen here in the past. Dan Stewart
  2. Congratulations that is something to be very proud of.
  3. Well I hope you don't die same way he did.
  4. Do you really expect them to put their names here. I will be surprised if any name shows up let alone their real name. They will change their screen names and be right back to posting nonsense. As for you low time pilots make sure you stand behind what you say or do in this industry don't be like some of the people posting here who don't want to use their real names because someone will know them and know that they are not as good as they think they are while drinking all night at a Boston Pizza somewhere spouting off.
  5. Hey now.... don't blame me for that......lol I hope you have had a good career and that it has turned out to be everything you thought it would be.
  6. I see you are not willing to put your name on here the way you are talking about us old guys and Delta helicopters.... I wonder if this is why you have a screen name like yours. Check with lots of us old guys that got endorsements from Delta, I got a medium endorsement and lots of us got a start in this industry because of Delta.....did some of them work on the ground for a few years..... yes they did.... but they got flying which this thread is about. I went back to Delta 2 yrs ago again after 20 years because I know that Delta can afford to fix anything that may go wrong with an ai
  7. Hey now, you can work at Starbuck's with a degree. Should we warn them about "AIDS" which stands for " Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome" which will cost you alot more than the license "that is if you have anything to loose" And all the endless days of babysitting helicopters. Oh how about the pressures of having crews in the bush as it is getting dark and you have asked the boss a number of times to call the day but he waits till the weather goes for a s**t then he says go get them..... so much fun. The list goes on. Just know that flying a helicopter is not a career
  8. It is very unfortunate that you will never feel the security of the depends. Mind you I am telling you all the years of no diapers is wonderful and we all hope someday you will experience this wonderful feeling. Be fore you make the remembrance wall.
  9. Well us dusty old pilots know you are so wrong about this as I personally have attended to many funerals of loggers. Please do tell us your real name as we will watch the remembrance wall and all of us dusty old pilots will be saying "Called it" when your name shows up on the wall. We will know before hand as you will be in the news so that your 15 minutes of fame will be used in the teaching of how pilots should not fly. In the big picture you will save many pilots and lives of passengers with your stupidity. So if you want to go out and fly the loggers that no one will miss my
  10. I had a customer say the above pretty much word for word. I looked him in the eye and with a straight face I lied and said, "you do know that pilot is dead now" He never questioned me again all summer.
  11. If the reduced vis training doesn't scare the crap out of you. Remember that the insurance companies only cover you provided you operate the aircraft within the the limitations of the FLT Manual, the CARS Regulations (here in Canada) and the COM. Correct me if I am wrong but the Flt manual states that the aircraft is for VFR flight use only. Sorry you are not covered, is not something I want to hear from the insurance company should I ever damage an aircraft.
  12. To all you low time pilots. If you find someone fudging the logbook or skipping maintenance. WALK AWAY, YOUR LIFE IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN FLYING WITH TIMEXED PARTS OR MAINTENANCE THAT IS NOT DONE BY A SHADY OPERATOR.
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